Monday, October 10, 2011

NLCS Game 2: Cardinals at Brewers

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Prince Fielder's Game 1 homer catapulted the Brewers to victory.
Game 1 of the NLCS was a slug fest practically from the moment Zack Greinke threw his first pitch of the afternoon. Ultimately, the Brewers pounded the Cardinals into submission, walking away with a 9-6 victory.

Can Milwaukee do it again in Game 2? Even if Ron Roenicke's lineup produces again, the rookie manager would certainly like to get a quality start out of Shaun Marcum after watching Greinke walk a tightrope yesterday.

Tony La Russa counters with Edwin Jackson, one of the best trade deadline acquisitions anywhere in the majors. The right-hander, though, struggled in his two starts at Miller Park this season, allowing 11 runs, 20 hits and four homers in only 14 innings...

Where: Miller Park
Gametime: 8:05 p.m.
Radio: WSPZ (570 AM), XM 185
Weather: Partly cloudy, 63 degrees, Wind 7 mph in from CF
SS Rafael Furcal
CF Jon Jay
1B Albert Pujols
LF Matt Holliday
RF Lance Berkman
C Yadier Molina
3B David Freese
2B Nick Punto
P Edwin Jackson

RF Corey Hart
CF Nyjer Morgan
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
2B Rickie Weeks
3B Jerry Hairston
SS Yuniesky Betancourt
C Jonathan Lucroy
P Shaun Marcum


Jim Webster said...

Need a re-do of Hairston trade -- more than Komatsu.

DKSW said...

Pujols (4 RBI) has taken over. But it takes men on base for it to happen. Nats need higher OBP.

Section 222 said...

Both tough plays, but Nyjer just not quite good enough to make them. And the Cards take advantage. Almost looked like Pujols was taunting him after the double he hit over Nyjer's head, but maybe not. In any event, I think Alberta will be very happy to quiet Nyjer's flapping mouth in this series if he can.

Anonymous said...

Nyger does not make two plays in the inning - Pujols makes them pay. Does Nyger want to repeat his "Alberta" comments? Pujols with a point to make - just what the Brewers don't need. Don't poke the guy who can hurt you the most.

Section 222 said...

How can anyone not want Pujols or Fielder on our team if we could get one of them? Those guys can just plain hit!

Dawn said...

On another note, read that Detwiler, Morse, Pudge and Wang (among others) are going to Taiwan in November. They have been asked by MLB to play in a short tournament. You heard anything about this Mr. Z? If so will it be televised?

Eugene in Oregon said...


Thanks for the lead, based on which I found this:

Hard to imagine Cano, Granderson and Cabrera are actually going, but you never know.

ehay2k said...

Quote "Fielder lifts and separates" as Prince hits a home run. What was THAT? Why the Cross-Your-Heart Bra reference? Does Prince have man-boobs?

The announcers are TERRIBLE.

natsfan1a said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure I've heard FP use the same jargon. I believe it relates more to the method of hitting than to the hitter.

In other news: atta way, Albert! (Did I just type that?) Somebody alert the rally squirrel that the happy plane is headed back.

FS said...

Let's go Cardinals, let's go!

Section 222, everyone has gone over the issue of Pujols or Fielder coming to Nationals like thousand times. I just don't see it happening even if we want it to.

That was some serious hitting by Pujols. That's how you hit a HR in that derby park. Hit it, and stand and admire it. Weeks was definitely not out at that double play. Huge out for Cards though. That inning could have been ugly.

Maryjane Muggles, section 420 said...

There's a why in there, too. Cuz it makes me wonder why you do that.

Nats Fan in Annandale said...

Yep. Bet Nyjer is calling Pujols "Alberta" this morning!

natsfan1a said...

OTOH, maybe Mr. Pujols is calling Mr. Plush Antonia. Nah.

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