Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nats going back to old rainout policy

Associated Press
Last night's scheduled series opener was postponed due to rain.
After a backlash from fans upset over a change in club policy for using tickets from postponed games, the Nationals today reversed course and re-instituted the exchange policy they used through their first eight seasons.

Fans were surprised Tuesday afternoon to learn the Nationals were no longer allowing rain checks to be exchanged for future games, only for the officially rescheduled game. (In this case, Tuesday's postponed 7:05 p.m. game will be made up Thursday at 4:05 p.m.)

The club, though, announced late this afternoon they are going back to the original policy.

"The Washington Nationals wish to announce that all fans who purchased tickets for Tuesday night's postponed game with the Detroit Tigers will be guaranteed their same seats for Thursday's scheduled 4:05 p.m. makeup game, or will retain the option to exchange their tickets – as they have in the past – for any remaining regular or value home game during the 2013 season, subject to availability," the club announced. "Due to increased attendance at Nationals Park, "rain check" ticket holders are encouraged to contact the Nationals ticket office by phone or online to better ensure seating for those games. The Nationals apologize for any inconvenience."

The vast majority of major-league clubs allow exchanges for any available, equally priced tickets to future games, but a handful require all rain checks to be used for the official makeup game.

The Nationals just changed their policy this season, citing increased attendance for the reigning NL East champions, but had not publicly announced the change until after Tuesday night's game was postponed.


Dave said...

We spoke, they listened. (At least I hope that's what it is.)

Section 222 said...

Well, that didn't take long. Three cheers for whining and complaining about stupid policies. It worked.

Dave said...

Right on, Deuces. #thiswillnotstand, you tweeted. You were right.

Jane-o said...

Is tonight's game still on?

Sec. 3, My Sofa said...

I can just see it:

"What do you mean, you forgot to announce the change?"

"I forgot?? I thought you were going to write that up back in January."

Section 222 said...

Thanks Dave. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. If only my prognostications about baseball were as successful.

Avar said...

What about future rainouts? The announcement only refers to last nights game.

Candide said...


Mark tweeted: Mark Zuckerman ‏@ZuckermanCSN 10m

#Nats announce they've changed their rainout ticket policy, will allow exchanges for future games as they'd done in the past.

Then Boswell tweeted:

Thomas Boswell ‏@ThomasBoswellWP 11m

Nats should switch back to old rain check policy: xchange for future tickets, subject to availability. Not legal issue, but good ethics & PR

Mark needs to hit Boz up for a drink!

skidge said...

Yes, unless more was said than is being reported, it could very well be a one-time exception to a revised policy. (Although that would seem incredibly stupid at this point...)

skidge said...

From Dan Kolko on Twitter: "For those asking, #Nats adjusted rainout policy (in which exchanges are allowed) will apply to entire 2013 reg.season. Not just Tuesday game." I'm happy now!

Manassas Nats' Fan said...

BTW pouring here in Manasas

Did anyone hear if MLB announce anything on John Hershbeck? Or are they are going to say it is OK for umps to ne the aggressors in argument.

Pilchard said...

Curious as to whether MLB teams like the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs that have limited available tickets for future games only allow exchanges for the rescheduled games or whether the Nats were the first (and only) to limit the exchange for the make-up game.

John C. said...

Good for them. It's easy to just dig in the heels when pushed, but the Nats didn't do that.

Of course, I already gave away my tickets for Thursday - but they're going to a coach who is bringing some little leaguers, so they certainly won't go to waste :)

Ivan Tuski said...

Wooooooo Hooooooo do the right thing!
Now I can hit the concession stands full force

Tcostant said...

I think this rant helped too, when other towns call you out that says something:

In the end, I'm glad the Nationals saw the light and switch back to the old policy. But I'll never forget, that they tried to pull a fast one on us, like Congress passing themselves raises in the middle of the night.

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