Friday, May 10, 2013

Werth going on DL, Perez coming to D.C.

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Jayson Werth hasn't played since May 2 in Atlanta.
Updated at 11:00 p.m.

The Nationals are planning to place outfielder Jayson Werth on the 15-day disabled list Saturday morning with what general manager Mike Rizzo termed a "very slight strain" of his right hamstring.

Werth hasn't played since May 2 in Atlanta, when he felt the hamstring tighten up while tracking a ball in right field, so the DL move can be backdated. He'd be eligible to return on May 18, and he expressed confidence he'll be completely healed by then.

"We feel like we're close, and I feel like it's really not that severe," Werth said after the Nationals' 7-3 win over the Cubs. "But it's one of those things, you go out there with the way it is and you might make it severe pretty quickly. Erring on the side of caution, but at the same time ... I think it's necessary. Fortunately it'll only be another seven days."

The Nationals had been playing a wait-and-see game with Werth over the last week, hoping each day he'd be ready to return from what originally was termed nothing more than hamstring cramps. The club believed it might actually have been a result of dehydration from a stomach ailment, a condition for which Werth has since begun taking antibiotics.

But while trying to do leg curls this afternoon at Nationals Park, Werth's hamstring "went into spasm," according to manager Davey Johnson. Team doctors decided he would be best served taking the next week off to let the hamstring completely heal.

Rizzo said an MRI performed on Werth on Wednesday showed a "very slight strain," described by the GM as "a Grade 1-ish type of strain."

"The most frustrating thing about the whole thing is I feel pretty good," Werth said. "I was out there running the last couple days. I'm running good. It's just a little cramp there at times, and cramps lead to bigger and worse injuries."

The Nationals won't officially announce any roster moves until Saturday morning, but outfielder Eury Perez was scratched from Class AAA Syracuse's lineup Friday night and was on his way to Washington.

Perez, who saw minimal action with the Nationals last September, is hitting .346 with seven stolen bases in 23 games, though the speedy leadoff man has drawn only one walk so far this season. Johnson earlier said the club was also considering Jeff Kobernus as a potential replacement for Werth. Selected by the Tigers in the Rule 5 draft but then returned to the Nationals at the end of spring training, Kobernus is a natural second baseman who actually has seen more time in the outfield this season as the organization tries him out as a utilityman. The 24-year-old is hitting .371 with 14 stolen bases.

Bryce Harper, meanwhile, also was out of the Nationals' lineup Friday after having a procedure to remove an ingrown toenail.

Harper had been dealing with the condition for about three days, Johnson said, and it reached its worst point Thursday night, requiring a procedure this morning to remove the nail altogether.

"He was in a lot of pain last night, and he's gimpy today," Johnson said. "So I'll probably have to stay off him."

The Nationals expect Harper, who homered during Thursday's 5-4 win over Detroit, to return to the lineup Saturday afternoon.

"It looks like a one-day thing for him," Rizzo said.


Just wonderin' said...
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Just wonderin' said...

Reiterating something I wrote on the game thread, if Bryce can recover in just a day from having an ingrown toenail removed -- I've been there twice and it's incredibly painful -- he is a much better man that I am. But, then again, he's a young, strong, professional athlete.

JaneB said...

Mend fast boys. Looking forward to meeting Jeff or seeing Eury again. Both sound like good options.

Manassas Nats' Fan said...

actually his homer was Wednesday.

peric said...

Be interesting to see how Davey uses Perez this time. Hopefully, he doesn't get a brain fart and end up banished to the back of the bench this time.

peric said...

The big news for tonight ... Davey pronounced it twitter instead of "tweeter".

I'm kind of sad I liked it when he called it "tweeter".

sjm308 said...

Thanks to natsfan1a - not only did she add the extra box, but put his name in and the drink I owed.

What Jason needs, along with whatever therapy they are doing right now (which I assume is flexiblity and maybe a slight bit of electric stim) is massage therapy and kinesio-taping. Not sure its offered this year though.

Davey won with just 23 men tonight, he certainly will be happy to have 25 tomorrow. I can't imagine playing Harper either but I guess being 20 conquers a lot of issues.

JaneB - did I read you are going to be in LA? I just finalized my tickets for San Francisco!! So excited. Sec 104 row X. I will wear Red instead of the traveling Blue because I want to make sure we stand out. It would be great if my Red Home Hat with the curly W was still on but that would be one impressive winning streak. So far it has lasted 8 days but that includes the 2 days off, and the rained out game as well. Want to have it on for Mothers Day because that would mean we would already have won another series.

Go Nats!!

Doc said...

I'm kinda surprised that Harps can make do with 1 game off, post hangnail surgery.

Here's a good ol' home remedy to avoiding hang-nail surgery, which I've escaped from on several occasions.

Clip a V in the middle of the nail. This forces the edges of the nail to grow towards the middle. This procedure takes pressure off the hang-nail portion(s) and helps to return the nail to its' natural non-hangnail growing format.

Big time better than the operation. The nail starts the recovery process immediately, even it takes a few weeks to finish.

I've seen people take weeks to recover from the operation, albeit they weren't physical specimens like Harps.

Anonymous said...

Vegas puts the odds at 4-1 that Harper will not play until the Nats begin the road trip.

natsfan1a said...

You're welcome, sjm. Re. road trips, we're hoping to make it to at least one game in Denver.

Me, too, re. "tweeter." :-)

Joe Seamhead said...

@NationalsPR: During his 7-game hitting streak, Adam LaRoche is hitting .524 (11-for-21). Throw in his 6 BBs and Adam's OBP is .607 during the streak.
Not exactly dead weight.

ehay2k said...
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ehay2k said...

Hmm, got a hamstring issue, and you're doing leg curls? Unless you are using very light weight just to test the muscle, it just seems like the exact wrong exercise to do. I was always told to go easy on the strained muscle, not work it with weights.

Perthaps it's a gluten-free thing? Actually, I wish the Nats would go Douoguih-free. They just seem to have a recurring problem where an injury is diagnosed as minor, then it turns out to be bad. Flores, Zimm, ALR, Esp I, the list goes on and on. Weimi is the constant.

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