Thursday, May 30, 2013

Davey on Espinosa & Lombo; injury updates

Photo by USA Today
BALTIMORE — When Danny Espinosa needed a week to rest his wrist after discovering a loose bone chip was causing pain and inflammation, Steve Lombardozzi filled in quite nicely as the Nationals' starting second baseman.

In five starts from May 24-28, Lombardozzi went 6-for-20 with four RBI, two doubles, and three runs. Washington saw a spark they perhaps hadn't seen quite yet from Espinosa who holds a .163 average through 40 games.

But despite performing well as a replacement, Lombardozzi was sent back to the bench when Espinosa returned. Manager Davey Johnson said he wants to see how Espinosa fares after resting the hand for a few days and then go from there.



SonnyG10 said...

This ought to be interesting.

JaneB said...

I'm trying to trust Davey. He definitely sees more than I do. But in my heart I want Lombo. Please make me eat my words, Danny.

Teresa said...

This is the biggest joke of all time. Espi has stunk for months at the plate, going all the way back to last season. What in the world is Davey doing here? I'm beginning to believe not only must Espi be sat down, but Davey needs to go too. Davey seems incapable of making the tough decision that are in the TEAM'S best interests. The way he has managed this team, this year, is truly atrocious.

Anonymous said...

"I think they're all playing well."

Of all the infuriating quotes to come out of this debacle, that one takes the cake. There is a BIG difference between backing your players and leaving them in well past the point where even a casual fan can see that they are stinking up the joint and killing the team. I was an Espinosa fan--saw his big debut at Nats Stadium against the Mets in 2010--I've desperately wanted him to succeed.

But enough is enough, and while Davey doesn't necessarily have to rip him, he has to stop insulting our collective intelligences.

biggoose said...

Davey's quote: " Lombo is playing well but I'd like to get all 25 playing well". So why did you sit Lombo for 2 nights after making this comment? Not even a token at bat. Are you trying to destroy this young player who has done everything asked of him to win this 2b job? Perhaps its because Espinosa has absolutely no trade value and they want to showcase him somehow.

Eric said...

"So why did you sit Lombo for 2 nights after making this comment?"

The comment specifies *exactly* why he didn't play Lombo last night: because he wants to get the rest of the slumping players going, and you don't get out of a slump sitting on the bench.

Mason Roller said...

Rizzo needs to take a page out of moneyball and trade Espinosa, much like the A's traded 1B Pena.

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