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How the Nats ranked in April

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Bryce Harper and the Nats are hitting a collective .234, 13th in the NL.
ATLANTA — A disappointing April for the Nationals is now over, and not a moment too soon for a club that just wants to get itself on track and forget about the erratic month of baseball it just played.

But before we completely turn our attention to May, let's take one last look back at April. Specifically, how the Nationals fared in relation to the rest of the National League in a host of statistical categories.

A quick glance at these rankings suggests the Nats haven't been especially good at any one thing (though the fact their rotation ranks fourth in quality starts is a bit surprising given the overall numbers). What is striking is how much the lineup has struggled, and (even more shocking) how atrocious the defense has been. (Even though the club's Ultimate Zone Rating is strong.)

Let's break down the numbers after one month of play...

  OFFENSE               STAT   NL RANK
  Batting Average       .234        13
  On-base percentage    .296        13
  Slugging percentage   .391         6
  OPS                   .687        13
  Runs                    96        12
  Home runs               27         6
  Walks                   75         9
  Strikeouts             209         5
  Stolen bases            12        10
  Avg. with RISP        .254         7
  BABIP                 .277        12
  PITCHING              STAT   NL RANK
  ERA                   3.80         8
  Hits                   229        11
  Home runs               25         7
  Walks                   79         6
  Strikeouts             200         9
  Batting avg. against  .251        10
  Quality starts          16         4
  Starters' ERA         3.59         6
  Relievers' ERA        4.25        11
  BABIP                 .294         9

  FIELDING              STAT   NL RANK
  Errors                  24        15
  Fielding percentage   .976        15
  Stolen bases allowed    14        10
  Caught stealing %     17.6        15
  UZR                    2.6         5


Unknown said...

Someone needs to come up with better fielding stats. UZR shows that the Nats get to the ball as good as any team. Fielding % and errors shows that, when they do get to the ball, they blow the plays. Although the Nats' fielding is dismal compared to what it SHOULD be, the fielding stats are very poor indicators of what happens on the field.

PDowdy83 said...

Unknown, you may want to take another look at your post. You showed that by using the 3 defensive stats together you paint a very accurate picture of how the defense has played. The team is very rangy and gets to A LOT of balls but then after making great plays they make wild, rushed throws ala Espinosa and Rendon over the weekend. Just because UZR says they get to a lot of balls doesn't mean they complete the plays every time.

I think the defensive stats used together are a very solid indicator of what has been happening on the field.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

These stats don't lie and quite possibly says the Nats are lucky to be at 13-14 and not worse.

Eric said...

PDowdy, I had the same reaction... First post us on the money except the first sentence sets it up as a non-sequitur.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

PDowdy83, UZR is very subjective and is skewed by the great outfield. They are the strength of this team.

JB said...

The caught stealing number indicates something I had been fearing... a regression in our baserunning approach without Bo Porter.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

JB, I think that caught stealing is from our catchers although with all the failed hit & runs this year the caught stealing number on offense probably isn't too great either.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Ghost Of Steve M. said...
This team won 98 games last year based on great starting 4 of pitchers and that 4.70 runs per game scored.

The 3.56 runs per game they are scoring now won't cut it.

May 01, 2013 10:44 AM

From my previous post, the #12 ranking in runs scored trumps all the other numbers especially when you consider the team is #6 in HRs.

That most likely puts this team dead last when it comes to scoring from non-HRs and that is part of this all or nothing offense.

There are times to play for 1 run but it's the machismo hero approach of swinging for the fences when all you need to start a rally is stringing together doubles and singles.

Les_in_NC said...

These rankings show, to me, that our team is fortunate to only be 2 games behind the last Wild Card spot. The last Wild Card spot that this team may be hard pressed to win come the end of the season if they continue down the road they are traveling.

If only everyone had the drive and determination of the kid....(yeah, I watched Bryce Begins last night too)

SCNatsFan said...

On a much more important note, this is worse then our record in April. Sorry, not a hyperlink kind of guy.

JD said...

Here is a really interesting article with which I agree completely.

Based on this our lineup should be something like:

Span, Harper, Zim, LaRoche, Desmond, Werth, Ramos, Espinosa.

Eric said...

I'm curious if that accounts for the quality of beer available. I know I love having the likes of Sierra Nevada and New Castle on tap...

mick said...

Davey gave a great interview this morning with the junkies. He sounds confident and I am glad Lombo is playing now. Espi was 1 for 15 in ALDS and is batting 177 since then. It is clear he can not hit. If he was a rookie, I could cut him slack. I would trade him

mick said...

Reality is that when Nats win a WS, there will be 3-4 players here that will not be here then as well as 3-4 players on this championship team who are in Potomac/Syracuse or free agent.

mick said...

Eric said...
I'm curious if that accounts for the quality of beer available. I know I love having the likes of Sierra Nevada and New Castle on tap...

the gang in here will tell you I am a Corona Light dude. Frankly, after the 5th or 6th, all beer taste good, lol

Candide said...

$8.25 beer at Nats Park?

Where? Don't tell me at the scoreboard pavilion on Fridays; Miller Lite isn't beer.

mick said...


Thats why I load up before and after games at the park. I will buy maybe 2 in the park at the most.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Les_in_NC said...
If only everyone had the drive and determination of the kid....(yeah, I watched Bryce Begins last night too)

I watched Bryce Begins also and it's a great story still unfolding before our eyes.

His maturity about skipping the White House Correspondent's Dinner on Saturday night before a Sunday day game showed his true dedication to what he wants to achieve.

Jayson Werth has had that same type of dedication to all work and very little play.

Maybe the small little edge Bryce has is that dedication to suceeeding! Many guys do those little things in their "contract years" and not willing to after they get the big payout!

Stay hungry!

Section 222 said...

I'm worried about how the Nats are playing for sure. But I'm not worried about their record or where they are in the standings. They need to get better to win, but it's far from too late to do that.

Ok, so the Nats are 13-14, 4.5 games out. Here are the records of last year's playoff teams on this date in 2012:

Yankees 13-10 (2.5 out)
O's 15-9 (1)
Tigers 12-11 (--)
Rangers 17-7 (--)
A's 12-13 (5.5)

Nats 14-9 (--)
Braves 14-10 (.5)
Reds 11-11 (3.5)
Cards 15-8 (--)
Giants 12-11 (4.5)

That's right. The eventual World Series opponents were only 1 game over .500 at the end of April.

So in my view, it's ok to worry, but not necessary to despair. I'm sure not turning in my season tickets or trying to sell them all. (That's pretty funny actually.) As bad as we've played and particularly as bad as we've pitched, we're lucky to be in 2nd place and hanging around .500 baseball. Keep the faith!

Rich P. said...

"Candide said...

$8.25 beer at Nats Park?

Where? Don't tell me at the scoreboard pavilion on Fridays; Miller Lite isn't beer."

Last year the stands sold 16 oz drafts of premium beers like Newcastle for $8.25 and 20 oz drafts for $9. This year they just have the $9 20 oz drafts.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

Section 222, that's some great points you made. It's not close to over and still plenty of time.

Are there quotes on what Davey plans on doing with Espinosa?

For such a smart baseball man, I think Davey has thought too much with his heart and not enough with what his eyes were telling him.

sjm308 said...

I may not have all the answers on our baseball team but you are in my wheelhouse when talking beer! I never buy my first beer in the park. My go to spot is Justin's where happy hour has quality craft beers going for $3/$4. They have a great selection of bottles and cans as well but you CANNOT get a Miller/Coors/Budweiser lite. I love it!! If pressed, I was willing to hit the Fairgrounds but they have eliminated Boddington Cans so I skip that now. Can't wait for the new brewpub opening by the owners of ChurchKey. I think it will be called BlueJacket but might be off on that. Gordon Beirsch has nice beers but the lines are ridiculous right now and it looks awfully foo-foo so I have not bothered. In the park they have graciously placed a stand with Newcastle one section away from 308 so I have no need to go elsewhere. Thats your latest beer report. Would love to see a Guinness on tap or more craft beers but like Eric, if they keep Sierra Nevada and Newcastle, I will survive.

Ghost - I am hanging in but it is tough. I agree with others that looking at those rankings, we are lucky to be only 1 game under .500. Have to think it will get turned around and I am hoping it starts when Ryan returns.

Go Nats!!

Ian Jones said...

this is why you take your shot when you have it, Rizzo/Davey. Oh, and you walk the #8 hitter with the game on the line and a base open. 2012 Nats season, and the decisions that lead to its end will haunt this franchise for a long time.

Ian Jones said...
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Exposremains said...
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