Saturday, February 9, 2013

VIDEO: On the Nats rotation

Continuing our spring training preview, here's another segment from CSN's SportsNet Central in which I discuss with Nicole Darin the Nationals' 2013 rotation: what Dan Haren brings to the table, what backup options they have in case Gio Gonzalez is suspended or someone gets hurt and whether or not Davey Johnson will let his starters pitch deeper in games this season.


NatsLady said...

JZ goes to arbitration and wins... Why not? He wants to go, Rizzo won't put up too much of a fight. I mean, I wouldn't let him win, but I wouldn't mind if he did--if I were Rizzo. Little bit of a confidence-builder to arm-wrestle with the boss and win, no?

NatsLady said...

The New York Times is free today (thank you, "Nemo"), and I saw an interesting article about Bosch. Here are some excerpts and the link.

“At the end of day, I don’t think Tony had the capabilities or the client list to be able to do it,” said Jorge Jaen, the owner of a cosmetic surgery clinic in Miami called Body Chemistry L.L.C.

Jaen, who had a lengthy meeting with baseball investigators this week, said he first met Bosch on the Miami social circuit in 2011 and gave him a small ownership stake to work as a nutritionist in his clinic. Bosch’s allure was that he was supposedly creating his own line of vitamin nutrition supplements and would be able to bring in star clients, including one of the women featured on the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Jaen said.

But the woman never came, and Bosch often didn’t show up for work or meetings, Jaen said, prompting him to cut ties with Bosch quickly, about a year ago.

“He is an individual that talks a big game — you need to dot your I’s and cross your T’s, because a lot of the stuff he says is not there,” said Jaen, adding that he liked Bosch personally, finding him nice to be around.

Jaen said that he would not be surprised to learn that Bosch had embellished his patient notes to lure an investor to his clinic.

“There are too many people and too many big names for it to be accurate,” Jaen said, adding, “They might bring back Jimmy Hoffa and find out he was injected, too.”

Jaen’s words echo those of another recent Bosch business partner, Xavier Romero, who last week described Bosch as absent and unreliable in their dealings. As a result, Romero said, he cut Bosch out of a partnership in a new anti-aging clinic they were starting.

Romero, too, questioned if Bosch was capable of providing performance enhancers to the likes of players like Rodriguez, as the documents assert. “I don’t know if he really does have that kind of pull,” Romero said.

Baseball officials want to speak with Romero, as they did with Jaen. In addition to taking into account the doubts those two men have, the baseball officials also have to consider the denials that have already been issued by Bosch and by a number of players, including Rodriguez.

Weighed against those concerns is the fact that Braun, a star outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, and Francisco Cervelli, a Yankees catcher also listed in the documents, have bolstered the credibility of those records by confirming that they did indeed have a past connection to Bosch. Both, however, have denied that Bosch supplied them with any banned substances.


NatsLady said...

So, as I said a while back, I wouldn't be surprised if Bosch, hearing Max brag about Gio, "embellished" his notes with Gio's name.

NatsJack in Florida said...

And now you have it, NatsLady.

MicheleS said...

NatsLady, thanks for the article. And like was hashed out yesterday, I would prefer to wait to see where this takes us. Innocent until proven guilty.

Not sure if the Mr Tony pod cast is up, but he had Richard Justice from (excellent beat reporter for WaPo a number of years ago) and even he said that what they have on Gio is not enough to suspend him. They would need a lot more to do that.

Sec. 3, My Sofa said...

I'm sure Gio is guilty, because my hip hurts. Either that, or there's a front coming through.

Joe Seamhead said...

First off, thanks for the rotation video, Mark. I'm sure hoping Dan Haren puts up a season representative of his overall career average. If he does, we will be gold!
The Gio thing is looking less and less credible as to everything that I have read.NatsLady, thanks for the NY Times piece. If those guys questioning Bosch's credibility are correct, then this whole thing is probably low-class tabloid fodder. My wife is of pure Swedish decent and in old Swede there is a word that translates to one is" having a party in his own head" and though I can't begin to spell it correctly it would be pronounced phonetically like "klossy-tonkin." I think that Mr. Bosch spends a lot of time Klossy-tonkin'!

UnkyD said...

Nice link, 'Lady, but I'm sure that Tcostant still won't sleep peacefully, until Gio has a lengthy press conference, and answers all questions from the world press...


Scooter said...

A brief interruption: Faraz was asking about Cooperstown in the prior post. I think I've actually been four times, now that I think about it: as an under-10 kid, as a teen, in my 20's, and again maybe two years ago, for my daughter's first visit. That's a lot!

First thing is, be careful on the driving! As I'm sure you've realized by now, you're going to New York State, in the winter, and Cooperstown ain't exactly on the Interstate -- you need to do a fair amount of driving on state roads, with hills and curves. So, just be prepared.

The museum is swell. Give it about as much time as you would any museum at the Smithsonian. (It's smaller than a Smithsonian, but of course you're interested in everything at the baseball museum.) There's lots to see, and you may not catch it all.

The town itself is a lovely small town. Main Street (I think it's called) has a few memorabilia shops, which can be fun to explore.

If you were going to be there for more than one day, you'd want to know about Lake Glimmerglass. If you were taking any short people with you -- because I notice that there are short people in your picture -- I'd have a whole different set of advice (like going to the Farmers' Museum and its most excellent carousel).

But if it's just you, for just a day, explore the Hall and Museum, and have a great time. All sorts of fun things to find there.

Make sure you let us know how it was!

Scooter said...

Oops, that wasn't brief.

sjm308 said...

NatsLady - as others have said, thank you.

Lets see - NY Times vs. Miami New Times??

hmmm - the Miami New Times won't sell as many papers in 10 years as the NY Times does in one week.
Who am I going to pay more attention to??

I mentioned earlier that this looked like shoddy reporting and I still feel the "journalist" did not do his due dilligence on this piece.

This is exactly why Gio needs to just stay quiet and let things work out.

Faraz: Hope you enjoy Cooperstown as much as my son and I did. It was one more checkoff for this old baseball fan. Great little town and you are wise to get there before the onslaught of little leaguers. I had no idea that they run tournaments through the entire summer so we went in Oct. The museum should be almost empty for you. Let me know if you are as bothered by the numerous shops selling Yankee and Red Sox stuff with very little else. Maybe it has changed since 2010. My tip does not involve baseball. There is a terrific Brewery about 15 min. outside of town. Ommegang Brewery does some wonderful Belgian style beers. When we went in the fall they had a great festival going on with bluegrass music and huge tents. Doubt that it will happen in the winter but its still worth the trip. Have fun!

sjm308 said...

Faraz: more stuff coming back thanks to Scooter. He is spot on with the Farmers Museum. My son was 29 at the time and we both loved it! Right nearby is the Cooper Museum which is small but had lovely grounds. Again, winter will be totally different but still should be excellent. There was also a neat little French Restaurant that we liked but I am blanking on the name. I would love to find out what the Lake looks like in the winter. Should be a nice photo op. OK, back to baseball.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

NatsLady, big smile on my face as I have said maybe Gio will be the first accused player to be telling the truth in a PED story.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

NatsLady, thanks. As I said from the onset, maybe Gio will be the first player telling the truth in a PED case.

Imagine that, Bosch has no credibility.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

NatsLady, thanks. Like I said from the onset, maybe Gio would be the first player telling the truth in a PED case.

Imagine that, Bosch has no credibility.


Another_Sam said...

I've been to the HoF I think three times. You'll have a great time. As noted above, the town and the surrounding area have lots of appeal as well, so if you've someone in your party who's not all that enthusiastic about baseball . . . you'll still be okay.

Here's my tip or observation -- I expected the museum part to be the prime attraction, but the hall where the plaques hang is very very cool. I spent a lot of time reading the plaques. Also, looking out back [i guess it's still there?] at the area where the inductees give their speeches is very cool. One of these days I want to get there for the ceremony.

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

NatsLady, thanks. like I said from the onset, maybe Gio will be the first to tell the truth in a PED case.

Imagine that, Bosch has no credibility.

Faraz Shaikh said...

wow lots of good information here. Michele also bombarded with all kinds of helpful tips on twitter. thanks guys!

Scooter, thanks for the heads-up on driving. While I enjoy seeing scenic routes, driving is another matter.

Sjm, we chose to go now because museum won't be as crowded as in summer.

Unfortunately the trip is only two-days of which one day is for traveling. I won't likely have much time to visit all that the town has to offer but like I said to Michele, this is only the first trip and I hope to make many more as our young Nats get inducted.

Another_Sam, it is just me and my friend who is a white sox fan.

MicheleS said...

Faraz! Love bombarding you with info :-)

Cooperstown is still covered in Red Sox Yankees gear. Depending on who is getting inducted for HOF weekend, then they diversify. I love going to HOF weekend.

MicheleS said...

BTW.. Promo schedule is plan get's me 2 of the bobbleheads. Definelty going for the Pilsner cup.

sjm308 said...

MicheleS - you are the best! thanks for the headsup on promotions. Just went through it and we have 13 promotions on our 20 game package including two bobbleheads and two concerts. Can't complain but it looks like I miss out on the $5 beer & peanut dates.

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