Friday, February 15, 2013

VIDEO: Desmond on the next level

Ian Desmond set career highs in just about every offensive category last season, a true breakthrough season for the Nationals shortstop. But he still believes he can take his game to even greater heights this season. In an interview seen tonight on Comcast SportsNet, Desmond talked about raising the bar personally, his hope to actually play in this year's All-Star Game and how clubhouse chemistry plays a key role in the Nationals' success.


Gonat said...

Nice video. The Desmond 'stache probably already has its own Tweeter account.

NatsLady said...

PECOTA pegs [Harper] for an 83 percent chance of improving, tops among Major League Baseball regulars, while comparing him at age 20 to the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Justin Upton, and now, given last year, Mike Trout. PECOTA is projecting a similar campaign to 2012's, with a slightly lower batting average, but part of that is likely just due to Harper's age and lack of experience.

Harper has roughly a season's worth of minor-league numbers to go with his one year in the majors, and while he's been great for his age, he hasn't blown the levels away without that context. That's expected considering he'll just be 20 this year, but it's the primary reason for PECOTA's perceived pessimism. As the player most likely to improve in all of MLB, from a place that many wish they already were, there's plenty of respect here from PECOTA.


Tony said...

That's not a stache on Desmond. It's overflow from Eapinosa's beard.

SonnyG10 said...

I think Ian can have a better year, if only he stays healthy. Our defense is just going to be awesome, infield and outfield. Now our pitchers need to help out the catchers and do a better job of holding runners.

baseballswami said...

Holding runners on-- how is Haren at that? Maybe he can help. Danny's K rate. Hmmmmm. Pretty short list of gripes these days. Time to start finding some new ones. Corey Brown needs to play? Should not have traded Mikey? Suzuki versus Ramos? That all you got? Don 't tell me we are going to be -----well, happy with our team? No, that would never happen.

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