Saturday, June 1, 2013

No DL yet for Strasburg

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Stephen Strasburg departed last night's game after two innings.
ATLANTA — An MRI of Stephen Strasburg's back and right side today revealed a Grade 1 strain of the lat muscle, according to the Nationals, who said it's still too soon to know whether the right-hander will make his next scheduled start.

Strasburg, who was pulled from last night's start against the Braves after two innings with tightness in his back and side area, flew to Washington today and was examined by team medical director Wiemi Douoguih. For now, the Nationals do not plan to place him on the disabled list, choosing instead to wait a couple of days and see how he feels when he next attempts to throw.

The Nationals have some wiggle room to work with here, because they could push Strasburg's next start back an extra two days (to June 8 against the Twins) without asking teammates to pitch on short rest. So a decision doesn't need to be made until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest.

"We'll see how he feels," manager Davey Johnson said prior to tonight's game at Turner Field. "We have that off day [Monday] so we could push him back. If he's not having any discomfort and it's not grabbing him, he wouldn't miss a start. But if it's bothering him, he'll probably miss a start and see if that eases up for him and they don't have to do anything more for that."
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Theophilus T. S. said...

I'm thinking Harper was put on the DL partly because of his injury and partly so Johnson won't have to listen to him yap for the next couple of weeks about how he's ready to play.

DWS said...

No. Its a few people that don't know a what a 25 man roster is. They work for the Nats.

phil dunton said...

The Nationals team doctor must be an idiot based upon the team's track record with injuries.

blovy8 said...

To be fair, some the guys on the 40 man roster in the minors were banged up, it was pretty much Perez or Marrero as hitters, and they're not even using Kobernus as it is.

Anonymous said...

Great--yet another pointless waiting period while playing short handed only to find out the player is going to end up missing a couple of months after all.

phil dunton has is on the mark about the Nats' team doctors. Either they are idiots or the Nats' official policy is to try and conceal how badly their players are injured. Either way, I no longer place any more confidence in what team officials say about injuries than I do in any word that comes out of a politician's mouth.

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