Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Storen ready for rehab, Wang to DL

Updated at 6:02 p.m.

Drew Storen is expected to begin a rehab assignment with Class A Potomac on Thursday, putting the Nationals reliever on track to come off the disabled list for the club's first game after next week's All-Star break.

Storen (out since spring training with a bone spur in his elbow) will make four rehab appearances, manager Davey Johnson said, pitching every other day. That would make his final outing July 11 and leave him available to appear out of the Nationals' bullpen July 13 in Miami.

"That's the plan," Johnson said. "I think that would be enough."

The Nationals also announced shortly before tonight's game that Henry Rodriguez was activated off the disabled list, with Chien-Ming Wang placed on the DL with a right hip strain.

Rodriguez, who missed the last month with with a finger strain, has made seven rehab appearances for Class AA Harrisburg and Class AAA Syracuse and did not allow a hit (though he has walked five batters).

The return of Rodriguez forced the Nationals to clear a spot in their bullpen, and Wang wound up the choice. The veteran right-hander has not adapted well to a long relief role, and now the club believed he's not 100 percent healthy.

Wang's personal trainer, who has been traveling with the club for the last week, believes he's been unable to raise his arm to a proper angle to throw his sinker because of a problem with his hip.

"She thinks that he's some kind of out of whack, because he's not able to get in the position he needs to be where he's on top," Johnson said. "So she's been putting him through exercises and stuff to try to get his mechanics better. But that's a work in progress."

Wang's move to the DL is retroactive to Sunday, the day after he last pitched.

Meanwhile, bench players Chad Tracy (groin) and Xavier Nady (wrist) might also begin rehab assignments Thursday at Potomac.


phil dunton said...

Time to pull the plug on Wang. Rizzo has wasted 3 years and a lot of money with no return.

Firm Possession, My Gorsehacken Sofa said...

Actually, last fall pretty much recouped the expenses up to that point. This spring was disappointing, obviously, but it was a reasonable shot.

Will said...

Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for HRod, Storen and Tracy!

Nady, however, can take his time in rehab. Preferably until November.

Grandstander said...

Looks like Wang will earn himself a trip to the Disgraceful List right as Henry comes off it. It's uncanny how these injuries keep popping up right as Rizzo needs to clear roster space!

Mr. Doggett said...

"Time to cut the Wang loose."
Lorena Rizzo

Firm Possession, My Gorsehacken Sofa said...

Look, the guy hasn't pitched well, but not for lack of trying, or hard work. He may be looking at the end of his ability to do his chosen job. That totally sucks. Cut the guy some respect. When did he ever piss in your cornflakes?

Firm Possession, My Gorsehacken Sofa said...

That wasn't aimed at anybody in particular, I'm just tired of people who think the fact they paid $25 to see a ballgame once gives them a blank check to kick a guy when he's down, which is a hotel move.

Positively Half St. said...

I felt sure that they would find a way to describe Wang as injured. I am fine with that, since it means they continue to pay his Major League salary. The Union would be fine with that, and the owners are willing to give each other a wink and a nod.

Wang did perform pretty well last year, and probably earned the money up to that point, given how much money goes to people who did not have a winning record like he did. Even if it doesn't work to its best conclusion, the fact that he was close enough to pitch him means it was worth a try.

Think about how far the club has come before you judge. Xavier Paul opted out of his contract with Syracuse with really great AAA numbers, because DC is not a place that can make room for him. That wouldn't have been the case in the past. Wang would certainly have been given a chance to work things out in rotations past, but we are past that now.

All is good on July 3, 2012.


Candide said...

Firm Possession, My Gorsehacken Sofa said... Look, the guy hasn't pitched well, but not for lack of trying, or hard work. He may be looking at the end of his ability to do his chosen job. That totally sucks. Cut the guy some respect. When did he ever piss in your cornflakes?


Doc said...

Rizzo obviously dialed a Wang number--it happens!

Ghost Of Steve M. said...

The problem with MPHRod has never been his issue with Low Leverage or AAA or Little Leaguers.

What will be different in Henry 3.0

Kevin Rusch said...

"Time to cut the Wang loose."
Lorena Rizzo


This Is My Favorite Post Of The Week.

JamesFan said...

And when Stras is shut down, we go to Lannan? I say keep Wang and let him work it out.

Firm Possession, My Gorsehacken Sofa said...

Strasburg has a couple of months left, by which time rosters expand, and they can call up anybody they want. A lot can happen between now and Labor Day. Sufficient unto the day is the rotation thereof.

Feel Wood said...

Rizzo: Yo, Wanger. It's time. Gotta DL you again. We're giving you the Hong Kong flu.

CMW: Dude, that's not PC. Besides, I'm Taiwanese.

Rizzo: Oh yeah. Sorry, all you guys look alike. How about SARS?

CMW: Closer, but still rather Y2K.

Rizzo: Ok, how about hip injury?

CMW: Deal.

bobfromalexandria said...

Feel wood
Comments are out of bounds

NatsJack in Florida said...

Re: Henri...the good news is the Nats have discovered his acceptable stress level. The bad news is that it's as set up man in Harrisburg.

UnkyD said...

Get his hip stretched out... He may wind up being a late-season blessing, after all....

JaneB said...

Maybe the hip thing is true and fixable. That would be good for all of us.
HRod scares me.
Lincecum must be injured to be pitching this bad.

Off to continue voting for The Kid.

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