Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nats not actively pursuing infielder

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The Nats appear comfortable with Steve Lombardozzi at second base for now.
NEW YORK -- Despite a lack of organizational depth at the position, the Nationals are not actively seeking to acquire a middle infielder in the wake of Ian Desmond's placement on the disabled list.

According to a club source, the Nationals are content to move forward with Danny Espinosa at shortstop, Steve Lombardozzi at second base and Mark DeRosa as their backup infielder until Desmond is ready to return from a tear of his left oblique muscle.

Desmond is likely to miss at least a month, but the source said the Nationals don't believe any potential backup infielders available before next week's trade deadline provide a significant enough upgrade for the price they would cost.

Team officials aren't willing to deal away any top prospects for a two-month rental, and neither are they willing to take on a hefty contract for such a player. That would seem to rule out the likes of Minnesota's Jamey Carroll (still owed about $5 million through 2013) or Colorado's Marco Scutaro (owed about $2 million the rest of this season).
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Anonymous said...

Always liked Jamey Carroll. But, $5 million!!

The Fox said...

Hey with DeRosa hitting a buck 48 and last playing SS 4 years ago I don't see how there could be a problem do you?

As for catcher so what if Jesus is in traction and Leon is playing a day game after a night game, that's normal isn't it?

What me worry?

Jim Webster said...

I like the tea's thinking, but it would be fun to see Jamey Carroll back. He was fun when he was here.

JayB said...

paying john L $5 million for one start....Jamey would be a great addition as would Marco......Mark...is a few Million really an issue for this team still......why would you risk the pay day of post season and more over a 2% increase in payroll?

Section 222 said...

Let's go to the videotape:

peric said...
"Washington Nationals Reportedly Testing Infield Market, Looking For Utility Man"
"Source: Nationals’ top trade deadline concern is improving middle infield depth"

As I was saying ... this makes sense.

July 24, 2012 3:52 PM

Mark, I'm sure you didn't report and write this post to prove our favorite know it all commenter wrong, but still... tee hee hee.

Feel Wood said...

But Kilgore says they are pursuing a middle infielder. Who to believe?

SonnyG10 said...

I guess we'll find out sooner or later. I'm guessing Mark's position rather than Adam's.

ehay2k said...

If history is any guide, Kilgore most likely has a typo in his copy. It should have read: "Nats pursuing middling fielder."


Tcostant said...

I'd take Scutaro in a salary dump for a non-prospect. In a second.

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