Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Injury Updates: Werth, Storen, Desmond

Davey Johnson updated the media on several injuries during his pregame session on Tuesday afternoon before the Nationals’ game against the Mets. Most notable is an update on Jayson Werth who Johnson believes could be cleared for “baseball stuff” on Wednesday. Werth will meet with doctors and his manager expects good news, he says he thinks the chances of him re-injuring the broken bone in his wrist are slim.

“Unless some catastrophe happens, that’s not gonna happen,” Johnson said. “He is probably two or three weeks away.”

Johnson said the team will know tomorrow if Werth’s plan of returning the first week of August is still in effect.

Ian Desmond was out of the lineup again on Tuesday as he continues to rest from a strain to his left oblique. After having the muscle tighten up over the All-Star break, Desmond is still hurting and gave Johnson a recent update.

“I just talked to him and he said, ‘I think this is something I think is going to be lingering all year long.’ It’s not going to get better until the offseason,” he said.

Johnson said that the injury is perhaps more troublesome for Desmond because of his style of play, he is active as a baserunner and keeps a wide range as a shortstop. Davey said Desmond has been using anti-inflammatories, hot-packs, and wears what he called “science fiction tape.” They will “err on the cautious side” moving forward and Johnson may have to dissapoint Desmond some days by leaving him out when he thinks he can go.

Drew Storen is with the Potomac Nationals ready to make his sixth minor league rehab appearance as he works his way back from elbow surgery. The young closer has struggled with a 9.53 ERA, but Johnson says the velocity is good, his command is more the issue.

“His arm strength is fine, his command might be off because maybe he is trying to overthrow. His release points are inconsistent,” he said.

“Our pitching staff is in really good shape so there’s no need in rushing somebody, but he’s real close.”

Johnson revealed on Tuesday that catcher Jhonatan Solano is also dealing with an oblique issue. The Nats’ manager said nearly half of his team has felt pain in their oblique at some point, but singled out the backstop and said he hurt it a few days prior during batting practice.

“The oblique is the injury of 2012, everyone seems to have it. I didn’t know those things were contagious, but Solano’s got it,” he said.


Sec.3, My Sofa said...

OK, so how DOES one injure an oblique?

rogieshan said...

No mention of Xavier Nady, who's rehabbing in Potomac and hitting .115.

sjm308 said...

Tape is not science fiction! Its called Kinesio-tape and I know for a fact that it works. Probably the most watched person with it on was the women's beach volleyball team that won Gold. The one woman had her entire shoulder wrapped with the tape. Lots of other athletes in lots of sports have started using it. You should have someone apply it that is certified and we have that covered as well. It is not going to get Ian well any quicker, but it will allow him movement without as much pain. As to how you injure an oblique, its just like any other muscle and I can easily see baseball players with the rotations they make both hitting, fielding and throwing putting the oblique in stressful situations. They are fairly large though so he must have torqued it pretty good to pull/strain it. Thats all on kinesiology for today class, I will meet you again next week.

Go Nats!!

natsfan1a said...

Hey, look what I found. Maybe that was Davey's reference. What do I win, Skip? :-)

JaneB said...

Sounds like there must be some sort of conditioning issue, for so many guys to have the problem. Thanks for the kinesiology tutorial, sum! I may need some of that tape my own darn self.

SonnyG10 said...

Thanks for the mini-lesson, sjm308. that's interesting.

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