Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pudge, Ramos will share job for now

The Nationals, as has been expected since the end of last season, are transitioning Wilson Ramos into a starting role behind the plate. Ramos is starting today against the Braves, and manager Jim Riggleman said the rookie will share the job with Ivan Rodriguez 50-50 for the immediate future, with neither designated as the No. 1 catcher.

"I think we literally kind of have two No. 1's there," Riggleman said before today's game against the Braves. "Right now, I think we're going to move towards that."

Over time, the Nationals hope Ramos ascends to the leading role, a scenario that would force Rodriguez to the bench more regularly and could create a sticky situation for the club and one of the greatest catchers in baseball history.

Riggleman, though, made a preemptive move in talking to Rodriguez Friday, a meeting the manager called "one of the best conversations I've ever had with a ballplayer since I've been managing."

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JaneB said...

I love Pudge. WHat a class act. And loving Ramos too -- here, he comes behind Joe Mauer and now Pudge Rodriquez. I love that WE have him and someone else doesn't.

No longer whining about Ankiel, either.

Joe Seamhead said...

Hey, Jane, did anyone in the stadium see Ankiel's suicide bunt coming?
Ramos had a great day behind the plate and at bat.
Folks, we got ourselves a pretty darn good team. Spread the word! We need fannies in the seats.

Mr. Doggett said...

I know you can't really tell much from only a couple games, but this team is doing things that we haven't seen since the team arrived here. Defense and pitching? What's that?

JaneB said...

I don't think anyone ANYWHERE saw it coming!

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