Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Depleted Nats try to get by

Their No. 3 hitter was placed on the disabled list with an abdominal strain that will keep him out at least 15 days, quite possibly more. Their No. 4 hitter was held out of the lineup with a mild groin strain, despite his insistence he could play. And their No. 5 hitter was a mid-afternoon scratch due to flu-like symptoms.

The Nationals sure picked the wrong time to face the four-time defending NL East champion Phillies.

"We're OK," manager Jim Riggleman insisted. "This is just something you go through now and then."

Maybe so, but the Nationals certainly found themselves hamstrung heading into Tuesday night's series opener against Philadelphia, with Ryan Zimmerman on the DL, Adam LaRoche out with the strained groin and Michael Morse out with an illness.

The prolonged loss of Zimmerman will be felt most on the Nationals' roster. After aggravating the same abdominal strain that hampered him early in spring training, the third baseman was hopeful rest and treatment would allow him to return quickly. Instead, team officials decided he needed to be shut down for at least five days, necessitating the DL stint.
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Anonymous said...

This is what they meant when they say EXPECT IT...Injuries that is. Hairston, Stairs starting? Glad I don't have tickets to this Phils Fest. Also Glad the Lerners saved those 2 nickles to rub together.

Anonymous said...

Werth. $126 million. How many nickles is that? And the Lerners are definitely to blame for the injuries.

Joe Seamhead said...

Yeah,5-1 Nats leading after 5. Frediemac, you sure should be glad that you don't have tix. Must be a Phillies fan.

Tim said...

Morse was slated to play 3B like I thought he would be. You watch... Flores at first, Morse at third.

Joe Seamhead said...

Eeww! Bases loaded and Clippard gives 'em nothing but a goose egg!

fpcsteve said...

Know what? We ought to be talking about Ramos a lot more than we do. The dude's a monster. And Nix off the bench is solid. Good night in Nats Town.

natsfan1a said...

I'm thinking that they got by. ;-)

Nice game tonight.

Don said...

Was at the game tonight, it was good to hear nothing from Phillies fans through most of the game. They didn't have much to cheer about until the 8th.

I wish we could find a way to get our fans, or maybe I should say the people sitting in seats at Nats stadium, into the game. When a couple dozen Phils fans in center field out cheer the stadium it's pretty sad. When we can't get a "Let's go Nats" cheer going with bases loaded and one out it's pathetic.

Say whatever you want about Phils fans, at least they support their team...sometimes.


sjm308 said...

Such a nice win, I won't rub it in to all the people who gave up before it started! Its why they don't play the game on paper. These guys are pros for a reason. Contributions from up and down the roster and I believe 0 errors and only 2 walks.

Go Nats!!
I will be there Thursday to see us take apart C.Lee

Rabbit said...

@fpcsteve......You're right, Ramos is huge! Sure, every now and then Pudge gets a hit and drives in a couple, but Ramos does is on a consistent basis. In this series now, the worse the Nats can do is lose a game, overall, to the Phillies. Since we're on a roll, with a win tonight I think we will sweep. GO NATS!!!!!!!!!

NatsJack in Florida said...

Frediemac? Frediemac? Calling Frediemac?.... Are you out there Frediemac?

Any more words of wisdom for us today?

NatsJack in Florida said...

Halliday is going to be tough but so was Josh Johnson.

The key tonite is Lannan and his ability to miss bats with his breaking stuff and how he commands his sinker.

Joe Seamhead said...

Don, I agree about the passive National's fans. We need a battle cry a little better then "Let's go Nats."
Agreed about Ramos. He's a stud.

fpcsteve said...

I'd sign on the dotted line right now for a split over the next two games. 2 out of 3 from the Phillies is good stuff no matter how the Nats get it done.

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