Friday, April 22, 2011

Another postponement, makeup Monday

For the third time in seven days, the Nationals have been rained out. Unlike the previous two times, they won't be making this one up as part of a doubleheader.

Tonight's game against the Pirates has been postponed. With more rain in the forecast all weekend, they've already decided to wait to make it up until Monday at 7:05 p.m. (previously an off-day for both clubs).

The Nats' rotation will remain the same: Livan Hernandez starts tomorrow night, Jason Marquis Sunday afternoon, John Lannan Monday night. That means Lannan will now get to start on normal rest instead of short rest as was planned.


BinM said...

Well, the rainout & off-day game keeps the rotation from getting too goofed up - Livo on regular rest, Marquis on two extra days, Lannan on regular rest in PIT, then JZim / Gorzelanny / & back to Livo against the Mets. Hope Marquis doesn't get messed up by the shift in schedule.

carolync said...

No game to watch tonight. Bummer.

I just did what I sometimes do when I want to remember how much fun baseball can be. I went to YouTube to look at Ronnie Belliard's flip to Felipe Lopez in 2007 to start a double play. He was so much fun to watch as he so clearly enjoyed playing the game.

The ball he caught deflected off the pitcher. Can anyone identify the pitcher?

Go Nats! Sweep the Bucs!

sjm308 said...

Just heard that Coffey will be coming off dl this Sunday. Who do you guys think will be sent down? The easy choice is Balester who did not help himself but I would love to see if they can try and get Gaudin through waivers and even if they can't, what are we losing? Also think HRod will be an impact pitcher and there is another spot to deal with. We have lots of movement coming up in the next few weeks - Coffey, HRod, Zimm (hopefully).

Wonder if they ever thought about moving Livo back a day and letting Marquis go on regular rest. The way Livan pitches I don't think it really matters to him. I often think he could come back the next day and throw an inning out of the bullpen, he looks so easy and natural on the mound, he is a treat to watch.

Go Nats

BinM said...

@sjm: When Coffey comes off the DL, the logical choice would be Balester (option year, can bounce back & forth as needed). Gaudin is the bullpen sponge in the early going (out there to absorb beatings), but may be the next player to fall when Rodriguez is ready to go active in a week or two.

Drew8 said...

Is everybody watching Harper? Holy cow!

He got new contact lenses a couple of days ago. On Wednesday he responded with two run-scoring singles. On Thursday night he homered.

Tonight he went 3-3 with a double, a homer and 6 RBI, raising his average to .306.

It reminds me of Yamamoto's line at the end of "Tora, Tora, Tora."

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant."

Anonymous8 said...

Yep, big night for Bryce Harper! CONTACT!

Anonymous8 said...

Drew8 said...
Is everybody watching Harper?

To answer your question, not many. Attendence was 287 for the game Friday night.

Big Cat said...

Give him a couple more weeks at Hagerstown, then to Potomac for a month....month and a half. Ditto at Harrisburg, then to the Big Club for the pennant race. Hopefully will be back by then also

Sunderland said...

Carolyn, I think the pitcher on the Belliard flip to FLop was Saul Rivera.
On a not so interesting note, Rivera is the only relief pitcher I know listed as a switch hitter.

PDowdy83 said...
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Andrew said...

Sunderland, I think Drew Storen is a switch hitter too!

carolync said...

Thanks, Sunderland. It was #52 Saul Rivera and I should have known that as much as he pitched that year.

He was listed as a switch hitter as is Drew Storen, Andrew.

Rivera is apparently now out of baseball unless he's playing in the Puerto Rican leagues. The Nats are being accused of wearing out his arm with too many relief appearances in a season. I hope that lesson is not lost on our current manager.

BinM said...

@carolync: Saul declared free agency at the end of the 2010 season from CLE; He might be pitching in the independent leagues somewhere, hoping for one more gig with a MLB franchise.

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