Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harper, Desmond get rare night off

Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond each were out of the Nationals' lineup Wednesday night, each starter given a chance to take a breath and let some nagging, minor injuries heal.

Manager Davey Johnson said Harper was getting some treatment on his left knee, though the 20-year-old outfielder hasn't been significantly bothered by the injury that landed him on the disabled list for a month earlier this season. Desmond, meanwhile, has a blister on his left hand that broke open late during Tuesday night's game.

Harper had started all 19 games since returning from the DL on July 1. Though his production (a .214 batting average, one homer, six RBI, .658 OPS) hasn't come close to mirroring his early-season numbers, he insisted his knee hasn't been a factor.

"It's been fine," Harper said. "It's felt good. There hasn't been any major swelling or anything like that. Of course you're going to have a little bit here and there, but every day it's feeling better. Hopefully it's all behind me."
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NatsFanSinceStart said...

Winning Streaks often quietly begin in quirky games like we're going to have tonight.

TheManBearPig said...

Let's hope so, NFSS. A game against LHP would be a good time to sit Harper. Or Span. Or LaRoche. Or all of them, since all of them are sub-Mendoza against LHP.

Don said...

OK, the blister on the left hand from the pressure while swinging the bat? How does that add up? You hear about pitchers super-gluing their fingers to deal with blisters, but I have never heard a postion player have this problem. Golfers get blisters sometimes, so maybe he's been pounding so many balls that it happened, but I am guessing that he does not wear a glove when he races his buddies over the net in Super Mario Cart. Video gaming is dangerous stuff, folks.

Manassas Nats' Fan said...


NatsLady said...

Don, one of the players (can't remember which) had the same thing in the Home Run Derby. Hand was all bandaged up.

Don said...

Yeah, lot of guys are playing video games these days. :-)

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