Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burnett out at least until weekend

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Sean Burnett hasn't pitched since Sunday due to elbow inflammation.
His throwing elbow still not 100 percent, Sean Burnett is again unavailable out of the Nationals' bullpen for Wednesday night's game against the Cubs.

Burnett hasn't pitched since Sunday, when he served up a game-tying homer to St. Louis' Daniel Descalso in the eighth inning for his second consecutive blown save. The left-hander asked for treatment on his elbow afterward, and manager Davey Johnson has put him on the shelf since.

Burnett is receiving anti-inflammatory medication, and the Nationals are hopeful that will be enough to get him back on the mound. But that won't happen until this weekend at the earliest.

"He's going to be down a few more days, I guess," Johnson said. "I guess he's getting better. It's just rest."
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natsfan1a said...

Feel better, Sean.

UnkyD said...

Rest, Burnie... Hope you're 100% for the post season...

I never have understood the reluctance to taking pictures, though... Why wouldn't everybody wanna know exactly wassup.... The better to treat whatever's wrong?

Manassas Nats' Fan said...

Get the arm right. don't rush it

The Fox said...

I got a bad feeling about this.

John C. said...

As long as the MRI and x-rays are clear, I'm not concerned.

John C. said...

Of course, reading the article, they are "staying away from the MRI." What, Davey doesn't like information?

Manassas Nats' Fan said...

8 Pitch first inning. keep it up Gio

natscan reduxit said...

… please understand, I'm not searching for spies in the wood pile here. But I wonder if anyone else noticed what I THOUGHT I saw.

... it was the 3rd inning, and Adam LaR had hit his home run. He rounded the bases and crossed the plate just behind Ryan Z. As they both trotted to the dugout, the big smiles on both faces were quite evident. Michael M was waiting in the O-D circle, and both Ryan and Adam low-fived him as they passed. But it appeared that Morse said something to Adam at that moment and both his and Adam's faces turned obviously sour. I would have sworn Mike Morse made some sort of negative remark to Adam, if their facial expressions were anything to go by.

… anyone else see the same thing?

… be that as it may, Go Nats!!

SonnyG10 said...

I didn't see anything natscan, but I may rewatch the game as I recorded it, so I'll look to see if I see anything. I would hope not.

I also don't understand why not to get an MRI. Reminds me of my late father who was afraid to go to the doctor to get tested for cancer. I thought, man wouldn't you want to know? Maybe you catch it in time to prevent serious damage. Well, he died of a heart attack, so in his case it didn't matter.

Get well, Sean.

JaneB said...

I hope you heal well and fast, Sean. You've been such a hugely important stopper for us.

Why would Mike have made a sour remark? Unless it was that the low five hurt his hand? He isn't a mean spirited kind of guy,


SonnyG10 said...

natscan, after watching the replay several times, I think what happened was that Adam LaRoache hurt Michael Morse's injured thumb when he low-fied him on the way into the dugout.

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