Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Espinosa, Ramos up tonight

For an updated story on the call-ups, including quotes from Danny Espinosa and Mike Rizzo, go to

MIAMI — Danny Espinosa and Wilson Ramos will make up the first wave of September call-ups and will be in uniform tonight for the Nationals' series finale against the Marlins.

Espinosa, one of the best all-around infielders in the minor leagues this season, will have his contract purchased from Class AAA Syracuse. (Stephen Strasburg can be placed on the 60-day DL to make room for him.) Ramos, who wa already on the 40-man roster, is being recalled from Syracuse.

General manager Mike Rizzo had said earlier this week he didn't plan to make any September call-ups until the Chiefs' season ends on Monday, but the two players were told last night of their promotions and are en route to Miami today.

Espinosa, a 23-year-old switch-hitter, has been on fire at the plate in Syracuse, posting a .359 average (14-for-39) with four walks, three RBI and five runs scored over his last 10 games. In 123 combined games this season with Syracuse and Class AA Harrisburg, he's hitting .268 with 22 homers, 69 RBI and 25 stolen bases. As of last week, he was one of only two minor-league players from any organization with at least 20 homers and 20 steals this year.

A third-round pick in 2008 draft out of the same Long Beach State program that produced Troy Tulowitzki and Evan Longoria, Espinosa has been a shortstop throughout his career. The Nationals, though, have tried him out at second base in Syracuse over the last few weeks, and he's likely to get playing time there in D.C. once he's promoted.

Ramos, the 23-year-old catcher acquired from the Twins in exchange for closer Matt Capps, appeared in one game with Washington two weeks ago when Wil Nieves left for the birth of his daughter. In 20 games at Syracuse, he was hitting .316 with three homers and eight RBI.

More call-ups are expected in the coming days, including Cuban right-hander Yunesky Maya, who is scheduled to make his final start for Syracuse tonight.

UPDATE AT 3:32 P.M. -- Though the Nationals initially announced that Collin Balester was being called up along with Espinosa and Ramos, I was just informed that the right-hander won't be joining the club tonight due to a technicality. Balester had just been optioned from D.C. to Syracuse last Thursday; players must spend a minimum of 10 days in the minors before being recalled, unless there's an injury requiring his return. Thus, Balester can't rejoin the Nats until Sunday.


Anonymous said...

If a Marlins pitcher throws at Nyjer Morgan, then the Nats can use Balestar as he has good aim!

NatsJack in Florida said...

Here's hoping we get a good dose of Espinosa at 2b and Ramos behind the plate over the last 32 games.

Steve M. said...

Good news on Espinosa and Ramos.

So Yunesky Maya can pitch on Monday or Tuesday at home against the Mets.

Mark Z., is JZim going to pitch on Sunday with 5 days rest or use the Thursday day off to pitch on Monday? Also, is there ONE outfielder you would speculate that we could see? I was hoping Boomer Whiting as I hear he is fast and at least could be a good Pinch Runner late in the game.

Doc said...

For Espinosa 2nd base or SS, as The Kid has said, its "just ground balls"--and he's right.

Anonymous said...

"Thus, Balester can't rejoin the Nats until Sunday."

That's a shame. [/Jerry Seinfeld voice]

BinM said...

Mark: You are probably right in guessing that the Nationals would use another 60-DL assignment to add Espinosa, but that would be the 7th or 8th player on that list this year. That forces the Nationals to make some serious cuts post-season just to get back to 40. Thoughts?

BTW, my running list on the 60-DL is: Flores, Atilano, JD Martin, Mock, T.Walker, Jesse English, Juan Jaime - Ryan Mattheus was on the list to start the season, but may have been activated & optioned; Same for Garrett Mock.

Sec314 said...

Balester?!?! Does he have photos of Rizzo in a compromising position? Why not Wilkie? I realize he's not on the 40 man roster, but I can suggest a few names of people that don't belong there any more... Balester being one of them.

And I'd like to see what Boomer Whiting could do at the Major League level. He's just as fast as Morgan and maybe smarter

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping we get a good dose of Espinosa at 2b and Ramos behind the plate over the last 32 games.

Over Kennedy and Nieves? With doubleswitch Jim? Not likely even with the losing record. If they start they go 2 and Jim will just double-switch them out for the veterans claiming he wants them to acclimated slowly.

NatsJack in Florida said...

My dog is smarter than Morgan.

As for Whiting, please quit with the pleas for a AA ball player at best. He's proven he can't hit at AA or AAA and he gets picked off and thrown out stealing at the same rate as Morgan.

Pilchard said...

After Espinosa, I doubt that the Nats bring up any players that are not already on the 40 man roster. They already will have some tough roster decisions come late November.

With the addition of Ramos, they have 3 catchers, and with Espinosa, they have a ton of infield flexibility. Currently, there are 6 OF on the roster and not enough at-bats for all of them.

Would guess that the Nats will add Maya, and one other reliever, maybe Severino. That will be it.

DJ said...

Why the hate for Balester? It's his first year as a reliever - mind you he's still considered young in terms of age - and he's done a good job making that transition.

Bally is 2-0 with a 3.60 ERA, 39 K/18 BB line as a reliever with AAA Syracuse. In the month of August he went 1-0, 1.93 ERA, 17 K/3 BB. And IIRC, the last two or three outings for the Nats he was pretty decent.

Yeah he hit two batters, but it's not like he did it intentionally and that he wasn't sorry for it.

Anonymous said...

NatsJack, Whiting never played in AA he went straight from High-A to AAA and is actually playing better. Still don't think he deserves a call up though. What about Lambin? He has had a good year. Congrats to Espinosa watched him in Potomac and you can not find a nicer guy.

JamesFan said...

We know what Nieves and Kennedy can do. Let's see what Ramos and Espinosa can do at the major level. I don't buy the attitude of playing vets over up-and-coming talent at this time of year. Plus they might add some pop to help win a few games.

Steve said...

Think Nyjer "kind of fired the Marlins up a little bit?"

It is far past time for Morgan to go. Either release him now or after the season, but I will be thrilled when he is gone. He is a distraction and a knucklehead. Exactly what we don't need as the team goes from pathetic laughingstock to young, up and coming, to play-off contender over the next 2-3 years.

Get rid of the bum!

Anonymous said...

Want to hear something crazy? Let Espinosa play shortstop in 2011, move Desmond to center field (release or trade Morgan) and spend $$$$ for Dan Uggla, who'll be a free agent this offseason. The money will be available, provided the Nationals don't extend Dunn's contract. Bernie can play center and Morse first base or right, at least until Harper's ready for right field in September 2011 or for the 2012 season.

hondo69 said...

DJ or someone else, can you help me? I'm an older fan and am not totally up-to-speed on all of these abbreviations. What does "IIRC" stand for?

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