Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Nats' all-time stat leaders

Photo by Mark Zuckerman / NATS INSIDER
Ryan Zimmerman has hit the most home runs in Nationals history.
ATLANTA — While sitting around waiting to see if today will finally be the day Bob Watson renders a decision on Nyjer Morgan's suspension appeal, I've been playing around on baseball-reference.com's fantastic "Play Index" feature, which lets you look up all sorts of stats based on just about any criteria you can come up with.

Since the Nationals' sixth season is nearly complete — some of you might argue it's already over — it occurred to me that the franchise has been in D.C. long enough now to start compiling leaderboards in all the pertinent categories (home runs, RBI, wins, strikeouts, etc.). Some of the names will be obvious. Some will take you by surprise. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry.

So here you go: The Nats' all-time statistical leaders (2005-present)...

1. Ryan Zimmerman 116
2. Adam Dunn 72
3. Nick Johnson 49
4. Alfonso Soriano 46
5. Josh Willingham 40
6t. Austin Kearns 34
6t. Ryan Church 34
8. Jose Guillen 33
9. Willie Harris 28
10. Ronnie Belliard 27

1. Ryan Zimmerman 447
2. Nick Johnson 215
3. Adam Dunn 196
4. Cristian Guzman 177
5. Austin Kearns 159
6. Brian Schneider 153
7. Ryan Church 147
8. Ronnie Belliard 126
9. Josh Willingham 117
10. Jose Guillen 116

1. Ryan Zimmerman 821
2. Cristian Guzman 581
3. Nick Johnson 404
4. Austin Kearns 311
5. Felipe Lopez 301
6. Brian Schneider 300
7t. Adam Dunn 279
7t. Ronnie Belliard 279
9. Ryan Church 259
10. Jose Vidro 215

1. Dmitri Young .310
2. Ryan Zimmerman .288
3t. Nyjer Morgan .286
3t. Nick Johnson .286
5. Jose Vidro .284
6. Cristian Guzman .282
7. Ronnie Belliard .281
8. Ian Desmond .279
9t. Alberto Gonzalez .277
9t. Ryan Church .277
9t. Alfonso Soriano .277

1. Nick Johnson .416
2. Dmitri Young .382
3. Adam Dunn .380
4. Josh Willingham .377
5. Elijah Dukes .359
6t. Ryan Zimmerman .354
6t. Ryan Church .354
8t. Alfonso Soriano .351
8t. Brad Wilkerson .351
10. Austin Kearns .346

OPS (min. 500 PA)
1. Adam Dunn .915
2. Alfonso Soriano .911
3. Nick Johnson .886
4. Josh Willingham .856
5. Dmitri Young .851
6. Ryan Zimmerman .838
7. Ryan Church .831
8. Elijah Dukes .788
9. Jose Guillen .773
10. Ronnie Belliard .768

1. Livan Hernandez 35
2. John Lannan 27
3. Jon Rauch 18
4. Tony Armas 16
5. Tyler Clippard 14
6t. Tim Redding 13
6t. Saul Rivera 13
8t. Jason Bergmann 12
8t. Joel Hanrahan 12
8t. Chad Cordero 12
8t. Esteban Loaiza 12

1. John Lannan 37
2. Livan Hernandez 33
3. Jason Bergmann 24
4. Tony Armas 19
5t. Luis Ayala 17
5t. Tim Redding 17
7. Ramon Ortiz 16
8t. Matt Chico 15
8t. Saul Rivera 15
8t. Jon Rauch 15

1. Chad Cordero 113
2. Matt Capps 26
3. Jon Rauch 23
4. Mike MacDougal 20
5. Joel Hanrahan 14

1. Saul Rivera 245
2. Jon Rauch 236
3. Chad Cordero 224
4. Luis Ayala 174
5. Jason Bergmann 155
6. Jesus Colome 138
7. Gary Majewski 125
8. Joel Hanrahan 115
9. Tyler Clippard 113
10. Sean Burnett 97

ERA (min. 75 innings)
1. Hector Carrasco 2.04
2t. Sean Burnett 2.78
2t. Chad Cordero 2.78
4. Tyler Clippard 2.95
5. Gary Majewski 3.18
6. Jon Rauch 3.40
7. Micah Bowie 3.74
8. Esteban Loaiza 3.77
9. John Patterson 3.83
10. Luis Ayala 3.84


P. Cole said...

What a sad state of affairs.

A DC Wonk said...

Biggest surprises to me:

1. Willie Harris appearing on the all time home run list

2. Elijah Dukes 5th on OBP

3. Nyjer tied for 3rd in BA (yowza!)

4. Burnett tied for 2d in ERA

JaneB said...

Nyjer haters should take another look at batting average. Maybe he shouldn't be lead off but still... I was surprised as how much my heart still tugs to see certain players names here. Nick Johnson, for obvious reasons. Esteban Loiza, for reasons that totally escape me. I can't recall how long we have Soriano -- I thought it was only a year. Am I wrong about that? Pretty impressive HR numbers if I'm not. I know the Cubs don't feel like they got their money's worth out of him, but MAN do I love watching him at the plate, even still. I remembered that Austin Kearns once really was a solid everyday kinda guy. And look at Willie's HR production. I didn't realize. Finally, not for the first or last time, I say thank the gods for Ryan Zimmerman. Can you imagine how bummed we would be without him?

Thanks for compiling this, Mark/

Go Nats.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see the career-progression of Ryan Church, whose name appears prominently above.Is his career over or will he find a baseball home?

Sec3MySofa said...

What jumps out at me is how little the top spots are likely to change in the next year or two. Most of the names on these lists won't be moving up, and not many current Nats threaten to get past a diving Jose Vidro. (Couldn't pass that up.)

Mark Zuckerman said...

JaneB: Soriano hit all 46 of his homers in 2006, his only season in D.C. Yep, pretty impressive.

Stew Magnuson said...

The win totals are the most disturbing.
But not that shocking, I guess.

Arlington Big Fish said...

Boy, that pitching roster brings back some (not so pleasant) memories. Jesus Colome, the human rain delay? Saul Rivera, whose 245 appearances seem to have resulted in about 200 cringe-inducing performances? Micah Bowie. Who the hell is Micah Bowie? And after 6 years, our leading pitcher has 35 wins -- fewer than 6 per year, on average. I'm starting to fell nauseous.

TheRealFrankL said...

And here I had totally forgot about Saul Rivera, but he's been the most in yo face Nationals pitcher eva!

Tcostant said...

What stand out to be me is:

1) We are watching a great player in Ryan Zimmerman, enjoy watching this guy in his prime.

2) Nick Johnson was a very good player, it a shame the guy just couldn't avoid injuries.

3) Alfonso Soriano place on this list, shows that we have not have enough good powers hitters on this team (Sign Dunn Now!)

I'm Out

Doc said...

For some reason, I like seeing Sean Burnett's name as 2nd in ERA.

carolync said...

Thanks for posting this, Mark. It evokes happy memories of my all time favorite Nat, Ronnie Belliard. Ronnie B. was just released by the Dodgers and, at age 35, probably won't play again except in the Dominican Winter League. In his day, he was an All-star second baseman and a great situational hitter. Thanks to Rizzo for trading him to the Dodgers so he got into the play-offs and played most of another year. Who can forget his two-run walk-off against the Orioles in 2008?

Dave Nichols said...

Elijah Dukes being cut for "baseball reasons" is still the biggest bill of goods ever sold to the fans of the Washington Nationals.

bdrube said...

You forgot strikeouts, where Jason Bergmann is second to Livo on the all time Nats list with 299 (Livo just passed him this year). That say volumes about how bad this team has been.

NatsNut said...

This is so great! You're right about my reactions kinda running the gamut.

Person I miss the most here: Nick Johnson. (Who had season ending surgery in, like, May. Heh)

Steve M. said...

1. Nick Johnson .416
2. Dmitri Young .382
3. Adam Dunn .380
4. Josh Willingham .377
5. Elijah Dukes .359

Look at #5 on the list. Still can't believe they went with Nyjer over Dukes and when the Nats cut him they probably ruined his career.

JayB was right that Dukes didn't come into Spring Training ready to play baseball but I think he was still dealing with his father dying and all.

Any Dukes updates?

Mark Zuckerman said...

bdrube said...
You forgot strikeouts, where Jason Bergmann is second to Livo on the all time Nats list with 299 (Livo just passed him this year). That say volumes about how bad this team has been.

Thanks for the reminder. I was going to include strikeouts but forgot. Here's the full top 10...

1. Livan Hernandez 362
2. Jason Bergmann 299
3. John Lannan 275
4. John Patterson 242
5. Jon Rauch 224
6. Chad Cordero 197
7. Saul Rivera 191
8. Esteban Loaiza 173
9. Tyler Clippard 172
10. Joel Hanrahan 171

alm100 said...

I miss Nick and his barrel-roll slides into second and home.

Dave said...

Clippard @ #5 with 15 wins is just depressing.

Dave said...

edit - 14 wins

Dryw Loves the Nats said...

The Nats did so much wrong by Chad Cordero. I will always wish him well and hope to see him play in the bigs again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone looking at the list, knows what a joke this team is.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it's just a mistake, but Mark, you are missing Storen in saves category. You'll probably need to correct that.

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