Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Instructional league roster

ATLANTA — Forty-six Nationals prospects (including 2010 draft picks Bryce Harper, Sammy Solis, A.J. Cole and Robbie Ray) will participate in the Florida instructional league beginning later this week.

The Nats just unveiled their instructional league roster, with players set to report tomorrow and conduct their first workout Friday. A 16-game schedule begins September 23 and runs through October 13, with games against other organizations that train near Viera, a Chinese team training in Vero Beach and five "camp" days that feature intrasquad games.

Sunday-Friday games begin at 1 p.m. Saturday games begin at 10 a.m.

Here's the full roster...

LHP Gregori Baez
RHP Aaron Barrett
RHP A.J. Cole
RHP Paul Demny
RHP Pedro Encarnacion
RHP Wirkin Estevez
LHP Matt Grace
RHP Tyler Hanks
LHP Bobby Hanson
RHP Mark Herrera
LHP Graham Hicks
RHP Trever Holder
LHP Chad Jenkins
RHP Jordan Taylor
RHP Anthony Marcelino
RHP A.J. Morris
RHP Miguel Navarro
LHP Robbie Ray
LHP Danny Rosenbaum
LHP Josh Smoker
LHP Sammy Solis
RHP Rob Wort

David Freitas
Sandy Leon
Cole Leonida
Adrian Nieto
Roberto Perez
Andruth Ramirez

Rick Hague
Blake Kelso
Stephen King
Jason Martinson
Russell Moldenhauer
Tyler Moore
Johan Rodriguez
Adrian Sanchez
Steven Souza
Michael Taylor
Jean Valdez

Bryce Harper
Destin Hood
Kevin Keyes
Wade Moore
Randolph Oduber
Eury Perez
J.P. Ramirez

Sept 16: Report date
Sept 17: First workout
Sept 23: vs Braves in Viera
Sept 24: vs Astros in Kissimmee
Sept 25: vs Braves in Lake Buena Vista
Sept 26: Camp day in Viera
Sept 27: vs Tigers in Lakeland
Sept 28: vs Braves in Viera
Sept 29: vs Tigers in Viera
Sept 30: vs China in Vero Beach
Oct 1: vs Tigers in Lakeland
Oct 2: vs Astros in Viera
Oct 3: Camp day in Viera
Oct 4: vs Braves in Viera
Oct 5: Camp day in Viera
Oct 6: vs Tigers in Lakeland
Oct 7: vs Braves in Lake Buena Vista
Oct 8: vs Braves in Viera
Oct 9: vs China in Viera
Oct 10: Camp day in Viera
Oct 11: vs China in Vero Beach
Oct 12: vs Braves in Lake Buena Vista
Oct 13: Camp day in Viera


David Lint said...

Look out for Wirkin Estevez... kid is going to be a star.

Anonymous said...

I'm presuming that those playing for the Mills Cup are excused for the first few days? :)

P. Cole said...

Good to see Stephen King giving his typewriter a rest and getting outside for some fresh air.

NtasJack in Florida said...

I'm looking forward to watching all the Friday and Saturday games in person. Really anxious to see A.J. Cole and Sammy Solis as well as Bryce Harper.

Anonymous said...


Iowa Nats Fan said...

Does anyone know if these games are reported on / followed for stats purposes? Would like to keep up with how some of these prospects are doing while in this training / prep org. Thanks!

NatsJack in Florida said...

I went to a couple last year. I even went Stephen Strasburgs last start before reporting to Arizona.
There is very little formal reporting done and even fewer non organizational people that even watch the games.
I dare say there were no more than 25 to 50 of us that weren't part of either teams personnel.

court said...

So it looks like NatsJack is our man on the ground. God's speed homie.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Smoker will get some more familiarity with closing!

David said...

Wasn't Wang supposed to be on this roster too? Or is he still not ready for that yet?

NatsJack in Florida said...

David.... You are correct in that Wang was to be included.

I'm going over Saturday morning and I'll check to see if he's around.

Mayhemnsuz said...

Hey Mark,

Now that NatsJack looks to be stringing for you in the Instructional League are you going to be back next year? Thanks for all the great reporting, hope there's another season of NI ahead...

Kevin Rusch, Section406 said...

So I'm curious - what do these kids do between the end of FIL and the beginning of spring training? I know one or two might go to AFL, but what about the rest? Are they just on their own for the winter?

Richard said...

In addition to md62red's question re a Web site to follow the fall instructional league, beyond the Space Coast site, does anyone know how to get advance tickets to individual games at this point?

NatsJack in Florida said...

Every game I've been to has been free. But I've only been to Viera and Kissimmee (Astros). Disney may charge for their games.

Anonymous said...

The "prospects" go to the FIL. The "roster fillers" go home and get an odd job, maybe squeeze in a semester of school etc. I think the odds are 1 out of 100 kids that sign make it to the bigs. So if you hang around in the minors for 6 or 7 years, you wind up on the street at 25 with no skill in life other than to throw and catch a little ball

scout said...

rhp Mark Herrera was a steal in the 16th round. He will move up fast.

Unknown said...

Any update on Wang? Thanks.

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