Friday, September 24, 2010

Cox: Kasten would be "solid" commish

Few people in baseball have as much first-hand experience working alongside Stan Kasten as Bobby Cox. So when the soon-to-be-retired Braves manager says his former boss would make a good commissioner of baseball, the sentiment carries some weight.

"He's qualified to do that job, absolutely," Cox said this afternoon before his Braves faced the Nationals in the opener of a three-game series.

Kasten, who announced yesterday he's leaving the Nats after 4 1/2 seasons as team president, built his reputation while holding the same title for the Braves from 1986-2003. At the time, Cox was serving as Atlanta's general manager. He moved to the dugout in 1990 and tonight is in search of his 2,500th career victory.

The two remained close even while working for rival clubs, and Kasten told Cox of his plan to leave the Nationals earlier this year. Cox says Kasten has never brought up a desire to become MLB commissioner, though the manager is convinced he'd do well in that position.

"He's smart," Cox said. "He knows the game. He's a lawyer. He loves baseball more than anything. He knows the inner workings more than anybody. He'd be a solid choice in my opinion."

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NatsJack in Florida said...

Oh Please! Hasn't one car salesman been enough?

Anonymous said...

Selig's statue would be a better Commissioner than Selig himself.

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