Friday, September 10, 2010

No Nyjer ruling, so he's in lineup

Nyjer Morgan's appeal hearing with MLB vice president of on-field operations Bob Watson took place this morning, but Watson has not issued a ruling on either of Morgan's two suspensions, so the center fielder is free to continuing playing until that comes down.

Which means Morgan will be in the Nationals' lineup tonight against the Marlins after all. He'll bat eighth, with Danny Espinosa leading off.

Morgan appealed a pair of suspensions -- seven games for an alleged incident with fans in Philadelphia on August 21, eight games for a series of actions that culminated in last week's brawl at Florida -- and is hoping for a significant reduction of the total of 15 games suspended. He's been in the Nats' lineup each of the last seven games since the fight.

Meanwhile, reliever Doug Slaten has dropped the appeal of his three-game suspension for intentionally hitting Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez after the brawl. Thus, Slaten will miss this weekend's entire series and will be eligible to return Monday in Atlanta.

UPDATE AT 5:11 P.M. -- Gaby Sanchez has dropped his appeal, so he's beginning to serve his three-game suspension tonight.

UPDATE AT 5:55 P.M. -- Read an updated story with quotes on

UPDATE AT 6:54 P.M. -- Bob Watson is still hear at the park and said he doesn't expect to make a final decision this weekend, so Morgan will most likely play this entire series.


N. cognito said...


Maybin – CF
Morrison – LF
Ramirez – SS
Uggla – 2B
G. Sanchez – 1B
Helms – 3B
Stanton – RF
Davis – C
Sanabia –P


Espinosa – 2B
Desmond – SS
Zimmerman – 3B
Dunn – 1B
Bernadina – LF
Morse – RF
Rodriguez – C
Morgan – CF
Lannan – P

Golfersal said...

Sorry to be crude and rude but maybe this is a way for MLB to see how Nyjer will do tonight and if he can stay clean.
Can't wait until the first problem and see how Nyjer handles it. It's a chance for Nyjer not to be a bonehead.

Also lots of rumors floating around that the Nats are looking to unload Nyjer, honestly I really don't think he will be missed because of all of the baggage that comes with him.

N. Cognito said...

Don't pay attention to the rumors. The rumor may come to fruition but it doesn't originate with the Nats. The report comes from Jayson Starky and his sources are two scouts from other teams.

I would have no problem with the Nats cutting ties with Morgan, but they really have nothing left to lose by hanging onto him, at least for a while. They still control him for one more year and this is his anti-career year, meaning he should improve and they could get a real bargain in arbitration.
The Nats could go with Willingham-Morgan-Bernadina, with Morse ready to step in if (when?) one of the three fails. I'd prefer they bolster the outfield with a good free agent and put Morgan on the bench.

Mr Baseball said...

I have a problem with keeping Morgan! Riggleman is hooked to the hip with him. Morgan has total control over Riggleman and he knows it. Riggleman will bench almost anyone with his platoon system but Morgan. Riggs must think Morgan is the second coming of Willie Mays or Ken Griffey, Jr. I keep wondering how he continues to start him against LH Pitchers, when he benches Bernadina. And, Roger would be a much better CF if they put him there and kept him in CF. Nyjer is another Mickey Rivers, no arm but a poorer hitter. Also, Rivers was less trouble!

Richard said...

Just for the record, a couple of bloggers here have said Morgan was "yapping" on the bases while stealing 2nd and 3rd, but I watched the replay a couple of times and didn't see "yapping" from Morgan. He and Ramirez appeared to talk a bit but it appeared nonconfrontational.

SJ_Writer said...

Nyjer Morgan is a stupid baseball player. Not a bad person or anything like that, just no baseball sense. I've had a partial season ticket plan of one sort or another since 2006, but I'm not going to renew anything if Morgan is still on the team and Dunn isn't on the team come spring training, 2011. With Strasburg out and Harper not coming until 2012 at the earliest, it will be a miracle if the Nationals get more than 1 million fans next year.

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