Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Strasburg shutdown likely early Sept.

The Nationals, ever cautious about Stephen Strasburg's workload, are formulating a pitching plan for the rookie right-hander that likely will result in an early-September shutdown.

The Nats originally hoped to extend Strasburg through the end of the season. But after meeting the last few days to map out a plan for the season's second half, Jim Riggleman, Steve McCatty and Mike Rizzo came to the conclusion Strasburg would be better-suited staying on a regular schedule. Even if it means he'll reach his predetermined innings limit of 160 one month before season's end.

Read what Riggleman had to say about that, plus when (and where) Strasburg is expected to make his second-half debut, on


Steve M. said...

This may sound far-fetched but I would not shut him down altogether in early September.

I would allow him to be a closer in some crucial September games to keep him in the game. So an inning here, and an inning there. Wouldn't use him 2 or 3 games in a row. Should keep him ready and part of the team and into the game instead of a spectator.

Who knows, he will probably save a few wins down the stretch!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind SS being benched in September. We have a good idea of what he can do. And, pitchers being the whimps they are can't pitch many innings anyway. Heck, today having a 12 win record and they are practically considered an ACE. Years ago that was a minor league demotion number.

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_For_Me said...

Who's actually running this team? Rizzo, Riggs or Scott Boras?

Anonymous said...

Great way to decrease attendance into the low Strasburg in September!

Steve M. said...

SBCITPFM - I thought some lobbying groups were running this team.

Yes, there is the Bora$$ Group, Maxwell Group lobbying for Justin Maxwell to come back again, WHarris Group, and AKennedy Group.

All these groups support their special interests. That is the only way I can see how some of the crazy roster decisions are made.

Richard in BB said...

Things sure have changed!!For an example--the great Walter Johnson threw, in his ML career, 5,915 innings!He tossed 110 shutouts,and had 531 COMPLETE games!(many of which went extra innings with him still in there of course).Why are they "shutting this big,young,strong kid down"after a measly 160 innings?INMO it's BS!

Cwj said...

Richard - Pitch and inning limits are something we just have to live with. They make little sense though, I agree

Anonymous said...

Think Mark Prior and Kerry Wood who were overused early on. Recent history shows that the overuse of young pitchers leads to injuries, and in Prior's case, ended his career. I feel that this is the right move for the young phenom.

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