Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strasburg to play catch tomorrow

Stephen Strasburg will play catch tomorrow morning before the Nationals' series finale against the Phillies, manager Jim Riggleman said.

Strasburg, who hasn't thrown a ball since he was a last-minute scratch before Tuesday night's game with right shoulder inflammation, will throw off flat ground in the outfield. If that goes well, he'll play long toss on Monday in Arizona.

Strasburg would then take Tuesday off and throw a full bullpen session Wednesday in Arizona. He's eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list Friday in Los Angeles, but the Nationals are expected to wait to bring him back until the team returns home to face the Marlins Aug. 10-12.


Cwj said...

Mark - Do you think this "injury" will be a mere footnote by the end of the season?
Could anything be more disastrous to the Nats than Stras being fragile?

I HATE injuries. I remember playing the "Earl Weaver Baseball" pc game in the late 80s. I always turned the injury option off :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain, but your headline could be taken that he is pitching tomorrow's game, not practice. For another 30 seconds I thought, gosh how was he going to pitch tomorrow on the DL.

Mark Zuckerman said...

Anon: I see what you mean. I just changed it to "Strasburg playing catch tomorrow."

NatsJack in Florida said...

Don't worry Mark.. the KNOWLEDGEABE fans know he's on the DL and fully understood what your headline meant.

Cwj said...

NatsJack - me or anon? I was just asking for Mark's own opinion on the severity of Strasburg's injury.

Anonymous said...

For NatsJack In Florida
Amazing how some people are so stupid and petty.
Do you know who I am? The way you write this up I am some idiot that knows nothing about Baseball or the Nats.
I have season tickets for the Nats, attend most of the games and the one's that I don't go to I watch on TV. I read most of the blogs daily, I love the Nats and think that I am a very KNOWLEDGEABE , Sorry it's KNOWLEDGEABLE for those that are knowledgeable in writing.

If you read what I wrote it wasn't as if I was trying to be dumb or cocky toward Mark, I caught it after reading it a couple of times. Just didn't want the UNKNOWLEDGEABLE folks that would of taken it wrong to read, I think Mark understood it was a bit misleading and changed it very quickly.

Sorry Mark,you do a hell of a job and I didn't mean to show you up or anything, just wanted to make sure that those that just read headlines didn't get the wrong meaning on this, again don't want to make a big deal but NatsJack rubbed me wrong with his comments.

Cwj said...

Agree with Anon, though I would have worded it a bit differently.

Also, come on Anon type in a name! :)

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