Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zimmermann: 2 scoreless innings

Jordan Zimmermann's first start in nearly a year was a relative success. Pitching for Class A Potomac this evening, the right-hander tossed two scoreless innings against Wilmington.

Zimmermann, who underwent Tommy John surgery last August to replace a torn elbow ligament, allowed two hits and did not walk or strike out a batter. He finished with 25 pitches, 16 of them strikes.

Zimmermann consistently hit 94 mph with his fastball and topped out at 95 mph, according to reporters in attendance.

Thus begins the next phase of the 24-year-old's return from a major injury. The Nationals will slowly ramp up his pitch count from here, allowing him to throw three innings in his next start, then four, then five.

He will likely spend the full allotment of 30 days on the rehab assignment, after which the Nats will decide whether he's ready to return to the major-league staff or whether he'll need to be optioned to one of their minor-league affiliates for more seasoning.


natsfan1a said...

Good on you, Jordan!

Anonymous said...


Good job. Hopefully 3 innings next time.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Zimmermann back on the mound. I'm looking forward to seeing Strasburg and him together in the rotation in the future.

Sue Dinem said...

Jordan's velocity was good, but his location was a little lacking. The box score will show 16 strikes on 25 pitches, but that says more about the batters than the pitcher. Not bad overall, but don't be deluded into thinking he's not going to need several starts to get back into form.

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