Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nats not actively shopping players

Photo by Mark Zuckerman / NATS INSIDER
Adam Dunn has drawn interest, but the Nats aren't inclined to trade him.
CINCINNATI -- Though he continues to field inquiries from opposing general managers, Mike Rizzo is not actively shopping potential trade candidates Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham or Matt Capps in the final weeks before the July 31 non-waiver deadline.

According to sources familiar with Rizzo's thinking, the Nationals GM is not looking to deal any of those players despite serious interest from several clubs. When approached by teams about Dunn, Willingham and Capps, Rizzo continues to ask for a significant return, usually big-league-ready players.

"He's getting plenty of calls about those guys, but he's asking for a lot back," one source said. "He's not the one initiating any of the talks."

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joegish said...

Mark, Your blog is awesome! it is a must read. Every morning, I look at emails from my boss, check my voicemails, and then check out NATS INSIDER. It has replaced my usual habit of checking out Feinstein's (FOTB) Came across this article from the Atlanta Journal. I grew up there and followed them in the bad years. (Ted Turner as manager and Andy Messerschmidt was a bust! )


Could this be path ahead for the Nats? Pres Stan's heart does run through the ATL

HHover said...

Mark - Great story at CSNWashington.

A question about one player who’s been mentioned as part of a deal for Dunn, Cuban born Dayan Viciedo of the CWS. He’s young (21), a good hitter in 1-1/2 yrs in the minors and all of 15 games in the majors. He’s listed as 3B/1B and has limited experience at 1B in the minors, but won’t get much time there in the majors with Konerko occupying that spot.

Rizzo is asking for “major league ready” players. That label’s a stretch for Viciedo, but maybe “ready for an extended try-out in the majors for a team that doesn’t have that much left to lose”?

Could you say anything more about Viciedo and what he’d offer the Nats? His age and price certainly profile well in comparison to Dunn’s ($1-1.5M a year thru 2012, vs the $10-12M a year Dunn seems to be aiming for).

The bad news is he's rep'd by Boras, which might not make for pleasant negotiations after 2012.

Anonymous said...

Rizzo sure as hell better be working the phones, his team is tanking and his trades to date have added nothing to this team, as things stand now he should be canned after the season so he might as well make some moves and go out swining.

Anonymous said...

isn't the premise of the entire article a little ridiculous??
What difference does it make who picks up the phone?
Rizzo knows very well who's interested in Dunn and Willingham, so how is it important whether he's "actively shopping" them??
Either way, he's considering offers, which is his job.

Would be nice to read something on potential return for Dunn from the White Sox or the Angels instead of a non-story that reads like something out of the Nats PR department.

I really like you work usually, Mark, but this one is really odd.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a great article Mark, very much to the point and clear, rather than some of the speculation and sensationalizing done by others.

Kenny Williams (the same guy smirking about Obama's White Sox hat at our opening day on "The Club") is frustrated because Rizzo won't accept his offer of minor leaguers for Dunn. I've learned in the past month to really dislike Williams and his arrogance. We aren't a White Sox farm club.

I really hope Dunn and the Nats come to a compromise. I heard that Dunn is asking Bay money -- 4 years, $60 million. I think he's worth it. You aren't going to get a 40 HR guy any cheaper.

Anonymous said...

"Nats Not Actively Shopping Players"

Well, the ought to be because this season is over and there are only about a half dozen players on the roster worth keeping around. Standing pat, locked into last place forever makes no sense.

Bowdenball said...


Ummm... didn't we get a 40 HR guy for much, much cheaper two years ago? And wasn't that guy two years younger at the time?

A 31 year old Adam Dunn might be worth $15 million, although probably not.

It's hard to imagine a 34 year old Adam Dunn being worth anywhere near $15 million or, frankly, even $10 million.

I love Adam and I hope we re-sign him. But not at 4 years, $60 million. For one thing, he's not worth that kind of money, and for another thing, we don't have to give him that much money to get him, because I doubt anyone else will give him that.

phil dunn said...

If the Nats were winning, then they might sign Dunn to a four year extension. But they are losing big time, so consider Dunn gone at the end of the season. There is no way the Lerners will pony up $60 million over four years for a 31 year old first baseman who weighs around 300 pounds and is a liability in the field. The over-riding theme over the winter will be to develop a team that plays good defense and can play fundamentally sound baseball.

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_For_Me said...

The Titanic will never sink,
Dewey is a lock to beat Truman,
The Lerners are in this to be benevolent,
and the "Nats are not actively shopping players."

This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too depressing.

Willie Harris starts tonight, I might just test my patented bourbon and Maalox mix early. Like now.

Anonymous said...

On a re-read only Dunn, Willingham, and Capps are mentioned as not being actively shopped around. How about Pudge, Livan, Guz, or any of our long list of bums?

nattaboy said...

I've read a lot about the market for relief pitching this deadline being very weak. It seems to me the Nats should trade Joel Peralta - his numbers are fantastic this year but he's 34 and probably not part of our future plans.

I haven't seen much about Joel at all this year - how has he done so well? His career ERA is 4.43 but he's been lights out (0.69 in 13 IP, perfect in saves at Syracuse). Any insight?

Thanks for all the reporting. Enjoy Cincy

Tegwar said...

Since Dunn has ruled out he American league (teams don't like being told what position you will play) it will cost him. He will probably end out with a 2 year 30 million, 3 year 39-42 million or at best a 4 year 50-52 million dollar contract. I do not think the Nationals will sign him to a 4 year deal because then he becomes a 10-5 man which becomes more difficult to trade. As for Willingham all the reasons given for not signing Dunn are the reasons you would sign Willingham. Willingham downside is although an improved left fielder he can only displace the new teams left fielder or maybe DH. Regardless of what Rizzo says I will be surprised if Capps is not traded as long as it is a fair trade. The reason I say this is Capps salary will increase enough next year that you can probably pick up another closer for the same amount or less. 11 days and counting, we shall see.

natsfan1a said...

In other news, guess we'll have to cross this one off the list. R.I.P. James Gammon.


Anonymous said...

As we keep speculating about who to keep and who to trade, I wonder about the statistics that make the team such a boring team. The set up guys don't set up the bigger hitters, and the bigger hitters don't bring in anybody when it matters.

Seems to be there are so many lost chances, it blurs the actual statistics of actual runs batted in or home runs hit. (Dunn's22 home runs and 60 RBI's mean nothing when it should be 85 RBI's already. I am tired of seeing strike outs with runners in scoring postition (Guzman, Dunn, Willingham, Zimmerman, and DP rally killer Rodriguez) and not moving runners up (ie. Morgan, Guzman, Harris, Kennedy, Rodriguez) I bet the statistics say the team batting ineptness is team wide.

Put in Morse, Bernadina all the time. FInd a full time 2B who can play defense and move runners up. Sell off some pitching for a .280 singles/doubles hitter who doesn't strike out much. Need new LF, CF, utility.
Gosh I am bored watching this team other than Strasburg.

Anonymous said...

You have to be crazy to commit to Dunn for 4 yrs at 15 mil per; if you can get 21 year old Dayan Viciedo who would be under team control for 5 years and making close to the major league minimum for the next 2 you have to jump on it. Can you imagine how many holes you can plug with an extra 15 million a year to spend?

Its not like Dunn is putting us over the top anyway; lets stop being sentimental and lets build a team by using our resources smartly.

Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine how many holes you can plug with an extra 15 million a year to spend?"

yea, a first base left handed power hitting four hitter would be nice.

Doc said...

RE: Last night's game, Willie Harris up with the bases loaded---it doesn't get anymore exciting than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Riggs has ever heard of cybermetrics??????

natsfan1a said...

Or sabermetrics, even... :-)

hleeo3 said...

"Can you imagine how many holes you can plug with an extra 15 million a year to spend?"

Bryce Harper (12 mil), Sammy Solis (1.5 mil), AJ Cole (2 mil), and Robbie Ray (500k). Just giving rough estimate.

I have no problem with Rizzo's stance, Dunn is popular and fans will have to understand that the team isn't winning but of course we could keep him but if you get overwhelmed with a package, then you can't say no because the Nationals are not winning. If the Nats can get 2 good major league ready prospects then that is a steal.

Rizzo can play this game until July 31st, its a matter of who will blink first. Either way, to me it sounds like it is a win-win (trade, offer arbitration, or re-sign Dunn to a reasonable deal). I'd imagine Rizzo did something similar with Nick Johnson and the Marlins last year. He wanted Aaron Thompson, they offered Tucker. On July 31st Rizzo got his man.

Anonymous said...

"You have to be crazy to commit to Dunn for 4 yrs at 15 mil per; if you can get 21 year old Dayan Viciedo who would be under team control for 5 years and making close to the major league minimum for the next 2 you have to jump on it. "

Yeah-- lets push the 'future' further down the road a few more years by trading a 40 year HR guy in the majors for another prospect that may or may not work out. Josh Smoker, meet Sharon Martis. By the time the future gets here, I'm going to be dead. Make the major league team better by adding to the major league roster with major league players, not by trading the middle of the lineup for more 'prospects' that never materialize into anything.

Anonymous said...


You have Dunn in the middle of the lineup now hitting 40 HR per year. How is it working out for our won/lost record?

Michael J. Hayde said...

"You have Dunn in the middle of the lineup now hitting 40 HR per year. How is it working out for our won/lost record?"

How is trading him for middling prospects going to improve it?

Sign Dunn.

Anonymous said...

Rizzo can only play this game until the 31st if the White Sox don't look elsewhere before for a first baseman/DH.
And if they fear that Rizzo will continue to ask for way too much, they might very well do that.

bobn said...

Back up the truck...dump the dead weight...bring up the kids...wait until next year!!

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