Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flores shut down 3 days

More discouraging news for Jesus Flores, whose attempted return from a major shoulder injury has suffered another setback.

After experiencing shoulder pain while working out in Viera, Fla., Flores was sent to orthopedist James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. Andrews had Flores undergo an MRI, which revealed no new damage, but the catcher still has been shut down for three days before he'll be cleared to resume his throwing program.

General manager Mike Rizzo said Flores will be able to pick up where he left off once he resumes throwing and won't have to start from scratch. But the likelihood of him returning to play in the majors this season is dwindling.

"Dr. Andrews says everything is clean, but he feels pain," Rizzo said. "So that's why we're going the cautious route. We'll shut him down til the pain goes away and then ramp him back up again and see what happens."

Aside from three pinch-hitting appearances last September, Flores has not played since fracturing his shoulder May 9, 2009 when a foul ball struck him. He appeared close to returning from that injury, but in the latter stages of his rehab last summer, he did more damage and tore the labrum in the shoulder, requiring surgery.


JayB said...

When is Rizzo going to face reality here. He is not going to come back this year or likely ever. Just a few weeks ago Rizzo was saying he would definitely be back this year. We all knew that was bull.

Trade Willingham for a proven catcher. Could have had the Giants Molina for next to nothing last week. Time is now.

D'Gourds said...

Trade Willingham for a catcher?! What? First of all, Pudge is doing great and why couldn't he play 2-3 more years if he says he could. Secondly, we have an obscure draft pick named Harper who can catch when Pudge is done. Third, we need a productive outfielder who's good in the club house.

Brian R. said...

There's another obscure draft pick named Norris

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