Friday, July 16, 2010

Capps' whirlwind week

MIAMI -- Matt Capps hasn't had much of a chance to catch his breath since departing Washington for Anaheim late Sunday afternoon. Between the cross-country flight, the All-Star Game and all its festivities, a quick trip home to Tampa and then the final jaunt to Miami to rejoin the Nationals for this weekend's series, Capps' head is still spinning.

"That being said, as tiring and exhausting as it was, I had an absolute blast," he said. "I wouldn't change a bit of it."

Why would Capps want to change anything? The reliever's first All-Star appearance turned into a memorable experience, capped with the victory in the NL's 3-1 win over the AL.

As excited as he was to earn the W, Capps said his most-anticipated and coolest moment came when he lined up alongside his fellow All-Stars and heard his name announced over the Angel Stadium P.A. system. He had been waiting for that moment since Opening Day 2008, when he remarked to former Pirates teammate Matt Morris that the annual announcing of rosters still gave him chills.

"Wait til you hear your name announced at an All-Star Game for the first time," Morris told him.

"He was right," Capps said today. "It was a cool feeling."

Capps made a point to save all sorts of souvenirs from the midsummer classic, including the game ball, his cap and spikes and the ring given out to all of the All-Stars. His favorite item, though, is the jersey he had everyone on the roster sign.

"That'll be something I frame and have up in my house," he said.


Anonymous said...

This is for JayB courtesy of Ben Goessling, don't say you didn't get your list of signings ... sheesh.

Nationals' top international signings
By Ben Goessling, July 16, 2010

Here is a list of the players Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo considers to be the team's top international signings this year -- straight from Rizzo and his assistant, Harolyn Cardozo:

1. Rafael Martin (Mexico, RHP, playing at Double-A Harrisburg, AA All-Star team).
2. Jean Carlos Valdez (DR, age 16, SS, DSL All-Star team)
3. Miguel Angel Navarro (DR, RHS, 16)
4. Randolf Oduber (Aruba, LF, 21)
5. Wirkin Esteves (DR, RHS, 18, DSL All-Star)
6. Dennis Samuel Lellis (DR, RHS, 17)
7. Anthony Darleys Marcelino (Venezuela, RHS, 17)
8. Edgar Francisco Gonzalez (Venezuela, CF, 17)

Rizzo talked in his weekly fblog entry about making a push for strong up-the-middle players and power arms, and this list would reflect that; Martin, the top name on the list, signed in spring training and is seen as a future setup man. Six of the next seven players are either starting pitchers or players who would fortify the team's defense up the middle.

JayB said...

Martin is 25 years old playing at double A....give me a break please.....21 year old guys from Aruba.....this is the leadership role in International FA market we were promised....When Brian is happy I'll lay off until then this is just more of the same bad joke......

JayB said...

Want to know what it takes to be a DSL all star

2010 17 Nationals DOSL FRk WSN 34 131 112 16 28 6 0 2 19 0 2 15 15 .250 .351 .357 .708 40 5 3 0 1 0

a .250 Batting average.....really?

LoveDaNats said...

My compliments to Matt Capps. He deserves all the accolades. I'm so happy he was chosen but even happier that he performed well. I can't wait till the Nats get back to form and require the services of their heart-attack closer.

Traveler8 said...

Got to agree about Capps, and can certainly understand how it was a thrill to just be there. When they did the tribute to the community people what I liked the best was that during the Glee song being performed the all-stars walked over to the community heroes and were shaking hands and talking to them - my feeling was that they had the same thrilling feeling that Capps described.

Steve M. said...

Nice outing by Capps, Storen and Strasburg tonight. A combined shutout!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Nats!!!!!!!!!!

NatsJack in Florida said...

As most of us feel... Officially JayB has become Peric... Please get lost!

JayB said...

It's official....NatsJack wants to keep his head in the sand.....Per of the 7 that are being held out as progress were July 2 or later it seem is not even a 2010 signing.....Nice analysis by Brain on the Rizzo/Ben interview.....Get your head out of the sand and look at the fact people.

sjm105 said...

Not to speak for NatsJack but what he probably wants is to enjoy a post and read comments without a lot of "the sky is falling" from people who never give the nats even a little positive vibe. Is this a great group? no but its a start and its not that kids fault he was named to an All-Star team with a .250 ave. Look at the starting catcher for this years major league All-Star game, his Batting Ave was poor but I think he makes up for that with other attributes. All that said, its kind of fun to read and get a feel for how upset certain people are with the nats. At least they care. My head is not in the sand but I love having a team and will support them, even if our owners do seem a little reluctant to spend.

NatsJack in Florida said...

Well said sjm105... that's my sentiments exactly.

natsfan1a said...

Attaboy, Matt!

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