Saturday, April 6, 2013

LaRoche may sit 2 days with stiff back

Associated Press
Adam LaRoche came out of last night's game in the seventh inning.
CINCINNATI -- Hampered for several days by a stiff back that tightened up worse during last night's blowout loss to the Reds, first baseman Adam LaRoche is out of the Nationals' lineup this afternoon and may miss tomorrow's series finale at Great American Ball Park as well.

LaRoche, who came out of last night's game in the seventh inning when he felt tight trying to swing in his third at-bat, hoped he could be back in the lineup today after getting treatment. But the veteran (who has opened the season 0-for-13) was still moving around tentatively this morning in the Nationals' clubhouse and proclaimed himself unable to start.

"I don't need it to be totally gone to be able to go play and be productive," he said. "I just need to be able to move around a little bit. Right now, it's tough to bend over and get back up."

LaRoche said no MRI or other medical tests have been planned for now, because the injury appears to be nothing more than a tight muscle in the middle of his back. That leaves him encouraged this isn't something that will be a long-term concern.
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Sec. 3, My Untucked Sofa said...

He's got a weak back? When did that start?

Lamont Parker said...

Rizzo's worst move… was cheaper to let LaRachoe walk and retain Morse! Offense is ALWAYS better than defense when 1Bs are involved.......lets see, Thome, Prince, FThomas, McGriff, and plenty more. ALL couldnt play D, but fierce at the plate. LaRoche dont scare NOBody!!!!

Sam said...

I had a bad back in February. Rested, took some meds, felt great. So I went to the gym. Now I have a herniated disc and awful sciatica.

Not that I'm comparing myself to a professional athlete, mind you. Just saying, back issues should not be taken lightly!

Steve Hayes said...

Great -- took this old 33 year old 4 games to wheez out of the lineup. Only we don't have Morse to back him up now.

Why isn't Moore starting? I'll tell you. Davey is so married to his immature and worn out idea of Lefty-Righty alignment is why. Moore should be starting, but Davey wants his combo to keep going. This is what Davey is making his decision on? ridiculous.
Davey is ridiculous.
Give Davey a mediocre pitching staff and you'll get a mediocre manager. Cant say that about Showalter.

Steve Hayes said...

What did Rizzo know and when did he know it?
What did LaRoche know and when did he know it?

Who knew about Laroche's back but kept it quiet or just ignored it. meanwhile, they dump -- literally dump one of the games best hitters.

Rizzo ought to be fired

peric said...

He's got a weak back? When did that start?

Pretty much had it all last season. But, this year he'll be 34 and it will get harder to manage as he continues to push it. He may have a slightly herniated disc and the beginnings of scoliosis.

That's what happens when you push it as a professional athlete or anyone else who is fairly physically active and athletic.

peric said...

Rizzo ought to be fired.

As much if not more Davey's choice to go with LaRoche the veteran just like Tracy as his backup ... this is ostensibly his last season managing.

No matter how it goes eventually they will absolutely have to use Tyler Moore. Same game they played with Morse when he first arrived after demolishing the International League in Syracuse and the PCL earlier.

ExposedinDC said...

The Monday morning Qb's who are bitching about Laroche would be just as upset if Morse was playing 1st and had a 2 error game..."should have gone for defense" I can hear it now ...Laroche will be fine, historically slow starter, if your looking for an issue I would start with Desi....seems lost both defensively and at the plate.

peric said...

The Monday morning Qb's who are bitching about Laroche would be just as upset if Morse

The problem wasn't the errors it was scooping throws etc. But Morse had good range even if he was a bit gawky with all of his past injuries and higher weight than when he was a shortstop.

All the stats clear indicated that Moore was better than both Morse and LaRoche. I always loved Morse even in AAA Syracuse. His personality set a certain tone for their first winning season. That was the biggest loss perhaps.

But Moore is younger, under team control, and potentially a better power bat. He might not hit for .300 like Morse but he'll walk more. And he's still learning and is definitely healthy.

Again, the problem is getting Moore into the lineup. One of the two soon-to-be 34 year olds will make that fait accomplii eventually.

peric said...

I'm betting on LaRoche at this point. The gluten-free son of an olympic athlete looks like he is out to prove everyone is wrong who thinks his age makes him a boat anchor in the lineup. It seems he is out to make himself Rizzo's #1 best free agent signing.

ExposedinDC said...

Peric, point taken with your thoughts on Moore and Morse. I like them too. My Monday morning QB comment was certainly not directed at you

nats guy said...

Storen is still screwed up from last years debacle. I don't know what to make of Soriano.

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