Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ramos leaves game with pulled hamstring

Photo by USA Today

Wilson Ramos injured his left hamstring running out a ground ball for the third out of the eighth inning of the Nationals’ loss to the Braves on Saturday afternoon. After trying to beat the throw, he walked back to the dugout holding the back of his leg and was replaced by Kurt Suzuki in the top of the ninth.

The Nationals will have Ramos checked out by team doctors on Sunday to determine a timetable for return, but manager Davey Johnson said early returns indicate he’ll be absent a few weeks.

“That’s the heartbreak of the day. He’s playing well, hits the ball hard and tries to leg it out, and pulls a hammy,” Johnson said. “We’ll see how he comes out of it tomorrow, but we’ll probably have to get somebody in here.”


EmDash said...

Feel awful for Ramos. Guy just has the worse luck.

Joe Seamhead said...

Heartbreak for Ramos, and for the team. He had been off to a great start.

NatsJim said...

So thankful that it wasn't the knee, when I saw him come up lame I thought he'd re-injured the ACL.

peric said...

The defeat doesn't surprise me at all why should it surprise anybody unless ur into fooling urself

Go O's the Nats suck

There you go Joe Seamhead ... another O-R-I-H-O-L-E-S fan troll. Mebbe I should torture him the way I did Maddy over on the MASN site? ~smiles~

You can say what you want about Zimmerman but the fact remains NO ONE ELSE ON THIS ROSTER HAS EVER EVEN come close to the offensive rungs Zimmerman has achieved. NO ONE ELSE has come as close to consideration as an MVP.

BOLD PREDICTION: Get Zim healthy and at first base and you will see him get to the MVP as one of the best offensive players in basetball.

peric said...

Feel awful for Ramos. Guy just has the worse luck.

I don't know just as bad for Sandy Leon last season. Perhaps in both cases avoidable. That much weight makes no sense at catcher. Even Maldonado dropped huge pounds after he saw what happened.

peric said...

At this point it sure looks like the svelte Suzuki will be vested and kept on this roster for the long-term. They don't have anyone better unless they manage another trade.

peric said...

New entertainment for me ... :) Steve J Oriholes fan.

Unknown said...

Peric - I don't why an O's fan would bother being on a Nats blog. No one here really cares - they play in the AL, they aren't rivals, their team is irrelevant to the Nats unless they meet in the Series.

Now, Braves, Phils, Mets, Marlins, Reds, Dodgers, Giants, Cards -- THOSE are the teams I consider rivals and care about.

The O's are irrelevant to me and likely 99% of the folks who read this blog. Better to just ignore any troll that comes on here from any AL team. They just don't matter. Nats need to relax, have fun, let their talent do its stuff -- this looks like a 2012 Sept/Oct hangover - time to get over it, boys, its 2013 now and you got 150 more games to catch the Braves. Let's get moving! Starting tomorrow!

Manassas Nats' Fan said...

We said the Catching would sort itself, and it did.

natsfan1a said...

Dang, I was afraid of that after we saw him limping off the field.

JaneB said...

We sit at first base and saw him pull up limping. I think abut 8 people simultaneously went, "Oh no!" I am glad they are saying theu won't rush him back. I so so long for Wilson to have an uneventful season, Maybe I should just root for an uneventful MONTH.


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