Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skole has Tommy John surgery, out 4 months

Associated Press
Matt Skole saw time at first base with the Nationals this spring.
MIAMI — Matt Skole, the Nationals' minor-league position player of the year in 2012, had Tommy John surgery today to repair a torn ligament in his left elbow, a freak injury that will sideline the first baseman for most of this season.

General manager Mike Rizzo said Skole will likely need four months to make a full recovery, the timetable much shorter than most players who suffer a torn UCL both because the 23-year-old is a position player and the injury occurred to his non-throwing elbow.

Skole hurt himself while in the field April 5 at Class AA Harrisburg, in only his second game of the season. Reaching to tag an opposing player, his left arm suffered the brunt of a collision.

"You're reaching into the runner, and boom, you feel it," Rizzo said.
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Ghost Of Steve M. said...

That hurts.

Sec. 3, My Untucked Sofa said...

Is that really unusual, a first baseman getting TJ on his glove side? Seems odd, but IANAD.

peric said...

At least he isn't a pitcher he won't be gone as long just like JMax.

D'Gourds said...

I thought recovery for ucl surgery is a year.

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