Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roster shuffling

PHILADELPHIA -- The Nationals are expected to recall Scott Olsen from Class AAA Syracuse before tomorrow's series finale at Citizens Bank Park, though they did not make that move official following tonight's 14-7 loss to the Phillies.

The club did announce outfielder Roger Bernadina has been optioned to Syracuse. More moves are expected in the morning, with Justin Maxwell a candidate for promotion and a reliever likely to be removed from the roster to clear space for Olsen.

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Dave said...

Mark, is there any subscriber audio after last night's baseball-football game?

Anonymous said...

Please be Bergmann.Please, Please

JayB said...

Bergman has earned a DFA. If Kasten is to be believed we have tons of great pitching just waiting to take his place......Everyone knows it, the whole MLB loves our pitching depth...just ask Stan.

JayB said...


Spin Williams has been the constant over the past 4 years. Names change on the hill and in the dug out.....but each pitcher Spin develops has the same problem. What is Spin's role and rep in baseball.

Tcostant said...

I agree Bergmann needs to go down, if he clear waivers fine. In not, so what.

phil dunn said...

This team is desperate so the Syracuse shuttle heats up as dead beats go down to be replaced by equally bad dead beats. That's the pathetic solution to this mess. When do we see Logan Kensing and Marco Estrada? The Nats are worse than last year. The starting pitching is just as bad, the relief pitching has not improved and the hitting is much worse. I never thought I would say this but, sadly, Austin Kearns would be an upgrade in right field and Bowden would be an upgrade from Rizzo.

Souldrummer said...

Um, do you remember Austin Kearns contract from last year? For us to have brought back Kearns we would have had to reup with that contract. One of the worst players in the majors. Ugh!

Stammen's performance has been very dispiriting because he's the kind of guy we're supposed to be able to trade for RF talent. Likewise, if he's good then we can hope to trade guys like Olsen, Livo, Marquis, or Wang if they actually pitch well this year.
I think Bergmann goes down because sometimes you just have to cut bait with these guys. I think that JD Martin deserves a shot at this point because if nothing else he won't be embarassed with walks. For me the defining moment of last night's outing was when Stammen gave up a walk with a 3-0 lead after being ahead 0-2. Throw a meatball. Gently place it in the catcher's mitt. I don't care. But don't walk a guy with the lead after your undermanned lineup shows up.

That says that the rest of the rotation needs a message that we value control of the strike zone. JD Martin doesn't get hurt with walks and should retain the Strasburg slot as long as he doesn't walk people I don't care if his ERA goes to 6.00.

Juan-John said...

Congrats on the gig, Mark! :-)

natsfan1a said...

Didn't we release Kensing back in March, and the Brewers claimed Estrada off waivers?


When do we see Logan Kensing and Marco Estrada?

Anonymous said...

Yup, Estrada was claimed by the Brewers and has yet to retire a run in 13 innings down in Nashville.

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