Monday, April 19, 2010

Marquis tries to figure it out

Jason Marquis, who called his wretched outing yesterday "embarrassing," spent hours watching video of himself from early 2009 and early 2010 and believes he's figured out what can help him get out of his early season funk.

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Anonymous8 said...

I am hoping for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Souldrummer said...

"Hours watching video of himself". He's been struggling for awhile and hasn't noticed these mechanical changes. This is the point where we have to begin to question the pitching coach who may not be doing a better job of proactively noticing these things before the 1st inning stinker on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

If he can't figure it out rizzo will for him. Too many good arms waiting to come up and the back end of the rotation is dominating.

Richard in Bethany said...

He WILL get it going!IMO it won't be long before everyone will have forgotten this bad start.He is a very good pitcher and maybe he too should take a cue from Livo.

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