Monday, April 26, 2010

Nagging injuries cramp Nats' style

With three regulars sidelined tonight -- Ryan Zimmerman, Willie Harris and Ivan Rodriguez -- the Nationals are playing with only two healthy bench players (Alberto Gonzalez and Justin Maxwell.

Those nagging injuries will force Jim Riggleman to manage differently than he would if he had a full bench at his disposal. It's also forcing Mike Rizzo to consider calling up an extra position player for a couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Sunderland, just so you know, re: 23% blown saves, a league average pitcher would be expected to blow around 26% of saves (trust me, I did some pretty extensive calculations). I don't think anyone has the illusion that Capps is anything more than a league average pitcher, so I don't think people will be TOO disappointed if he ends up blowing a few saves. It's not like we paid Brad Lidge money for the man.

phil dunn said...

Zimmerman better find a new training routine and a new trainer. His lingering leg problems are becoming chronic. We are not talking about a 38 year old Mike Lowell here,he's only 25.

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