Sunday, April 25, 2010

Managing to win without Zim

With today's 1-0 victory, the Nationals are now 5-4 without Ryan Zimmerman in the starting lineup. The trio of Alberto Gonzalez, Adam Kennedy and Willie Harris has filled in admirably at third base, particularly Gonzalez, who has made several Zim-type plays in the last two weeks.

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Sal Johnson said...

Boy what a difference a year makes.
MLB has this great tool in which you can pick a date and see what the standings were.
At this time (April 25th) in 2009 the Nationals were 3-13 and were the worst team in baseball, 7 and a half games behind the Marlins. At the same time the Dodgers were the best team in Baseball with a 13-5 record.

Everyone talks about the great start the Nats got in 2005, well on April 25th of 2005 the Nats were 10-9 but only a game and a half behind the Marlins. Oh, on April 25th of 2005 guess who was in last place in the NL East? The Phillies with a 9-11 record.

On April 25th, 2010 the Nats are 10-9 and a half game behind the Marlins who are in second place (they haven't finished today's game at Colorado) and are just 2 games behind the Phillies.

Of course the Phillies are probably the best team in the National League but maybe, just maybe with guys like Wang, Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman and Storen knocking on the door we could be the next Tampa Bay story.

Oh, for those that don't remember in 2008, Tampa Bay finished the year first in the American League East with a 97-65 record. The previous year they finished with a 66-96 record which was the worst in Baseball so who knows what is possible. Oh, for Tampa Bay on April 25th, 2008 they had a record of 12-11 (.522 average, Nats today have a .566 average) and Tampa Bay were 2 games behind first place Boston (Nats today are also 2 games behind the Phillies).

Boy it could be an interesting season.

Positively Half St. said...

Yes, please. Yes. Please.

Richard in Bethany said...

It's unbeliveable that this team has come so far under Rizzo and Riggleman that we can continue to compete with the best of the NL with a platoon in RF and no Zimm! You just can't say enough about the likes of Gonzo,Guzzy,Willy's et all.Willingham's and Maxwell's diving catches all year have been spectacular! I'm EXCITED again.GO NATS!

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