Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harper, Peacock in Futures Game

Bryce Harper and Brad Peacock have been selected to represent the Nationals in the All-Star Futures Game, a showcase of the sport's top prospects.

This is merely the latest accolade for Harper, 18, who has already played in the Arizona Fall League and the South Atlantic League All-Star Game. The right fielder will be stacked up against some of the minor leagues' other premier talents, all of them with a considerable age and experience advantage.

Harper enters the second half of the season at low-Class A Hagerstown hitting .330 with 14 homers, 45 RBI and a 1.014 OPS that ranks third in the Sally League.

He's not, however, the youngest player ever selected for the Futures Game. Eight other 18-year-olds have participated in previous games (including Francisco Liriano and Felix Hernandez) and three 17-year-olds have played (Jose Tabata, Angel Villalona and Wilmer Flores).

Peacock hasn't received nearly as much publicity as Harper, though he's certainly performed well enough to warrant it. The 23-year-old right-hander, a 41st-round pick in the 2006 draft, is 8-2 with a 2.46 ERA in 13 games (11 starts) for Class AA Harrisburg.

The Futures Game will be played Sunday, July 10 at 6 p.m. Eastern, televised live on ESPN2.


Cwj said...

Congrats to both of them.
Harper is obviously no surprise, but I know very little about Peacock.

Is Peacock a power pitcher? A control pitcher?
A nibbler?
Hope someone who has seen him pitch can enlighten me.
His numbers are very intriguing...

Tcostant said...

I haven't seen him pitch, but I heard Phil Wood taking to some souct on the radio less than a month ago. He said he doesn't thro hard (I think low 90's) and projects as a 3rd or 4th starter.

He has really put it together this year, by far his best in the minors.

Anonymous said...

He throws 97 with a 4 seamer and low 90s 2 seamer. 12 SO per 9 innnings.

Andrew said...

I wasn't going to go to the All Star game this year but maybe I will now.

Tcostant said...

I like Ano at 3:07pm view a lot better, clearly this scout was not impressed.

Tcostant said...

I pulled this from the Washington Post (

"Peacock has above-average velocity – he sits between 88 and 92 with his two-seam fastball and can touch 97 with his four-seamer. With the deception in his new delivery, his fastball is “playing up” even more, Harris said."

Me - While is does say he can "touch 97", it also notes "his velocity...sits between 88 and 92"; this is basicly what I said when I mentioned the low 90's fastball.

I'm just saying, sounds like he is hitting low 90's, al ot more than the 97 Anon referred to.

Cwj said...

Cool thanks for the info guys!
I'm guessing he's definitely worth keeping a close eye on then.

Man, I'm still stunned by the Riggs resignation...

Pete said...

What the hell? Did they build Nats Park on a pet cemetery or something?

Harper_ROY_2012 said...

Congrats, they both deserve it. On the other hand Rizzo deserves to be shown the door now that he forced Riggleman out. STUPID MAN!

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