Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ankiel placed on DL

Updated at 1:05 p.m.

The Nationals placed outfielder Rick Ankiel on the 15-day disabled list with a strained intercostal muscle this morning, a move that cleared roster space for left-hander Tom Gorzelanny to be activated off the DL and start the series finale against the Orioles.

Ankiel hadn't played since Tuesday, when he felt a twinge in his ribcage tracking down Ryan Theriot's base hit to center field in the top of the first. He departed the game one inning later, not wanting to risk further injury.

The 31-year-old had resumed baseball activities over the weekend and took batting this morning. The ribcage strain, though, requires rest in order to heal -- Ryan Zimmerman missed the final 10 games of the 2010 season with the same injury -- so the Nationals took no chances and placed Ankiel on the DL.

"It feels better, definite improvement," Ankiel said. "But it's a touchy area. If I really blow that area out, I'm in trouble. So take the extra few days, get it right, get healthy and here we go."

The move is retroactive to June 15, so Ankiel (batting .204 with one homer and nine RBI in 48 games) will be eligible to return on July 1. He expects to go on a rehab assignment within the next few days.

Gorzelanny returns after a three-week stint on the DL with elbow inflammation. The left-hander made a rehab start Monday for Class AAA Syracuse and pronounced himself ready to return.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he will join Slaten and Chad Gaudin as permanent members of that AAAA depth bench.

JaneB said...

Phew! So, he heals. We don't option out Bixler, who is still useful. And we get through the inter league series and can let Matt move on to be a player/coach somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the rotating starters in LF and CF Riggleman implemented between Bernadina, Ankiel and Nix. Not a fan of benching Nix for Hairston against left handers at this point.

The fewer options (as long as they are better options : see Morse at first instead of the injured LaRoche.) you give Riggleman the better his lineup card.

Winning feels so much better than losing.

Tim said...

It goes without saying that if some other team is willing to give up the farm to acquire Marquis for half a year then you do the trade. But otherwise, I think all talk is premature, the first thing to discuss is do we extend him or not?

Given injuries that can always come up, and the reality that Stras and JZimm are still going to be innings limited for the next few years, I think the answer is probably yes.

FS said...

I am still not in favor of extending Marquis. Jason is a good pitcher but I honestly do not see room for him in our rotation. SS, JZ, Livan, Gorzo, and Lannan. Instead of Marquis replacing Lannan or Gorzo in rotation, I prefer a FA of CC's caliber if available.

Trading him at trade deadline is tricky. Because we do no seem to have anyone in AAA that can fill the gap for a month before couple of minor leaguers are called up in Sept. Ross, Stammen, and Maya have all failed somewhere this season. There is also 'whether we are contending this season or not' situation.

Marquis and Coffey are probably only two guys I would like to trade. I would like to keep Pudge, Nix, Livo, and Clip around.

sjm308 said...

If it comes down to a choice between Livan and Jason, that is a tough call. I honestly want to keep him for the entire year since I feel he will be pitching for his next contract. That being said, if someone makes an offer that Rizzo can't refuse there is nothing that says we can't go after him again after the season. Its a no-brainer that you take CC over just about anyone thats out there and that would be exciting but for now, I just want to enjoy what we have and that to me means keeping Marquis.

Mark: a question. If we keep Marquis till the end of the season and he becomes a free agent and leaves, will we get draft picks like we did for Dunn or is there some sort of formula that determines who is good enough to rate receiving draft picks. Thanks.

Go Nats

Unkyd said...

308... I gather, from previous threads, that FA comp picks are awarded based on performance over the prior 2 seasons. Marquis, having crapped out last year, will be worthless, in that context... no comp picks.

BinM said...

Unkyd: Exactly right - Marquis wouldn't rate a "B" level Elias rating at this point, so no FA comps. I don't think Rizzo is dangling anyone at this point, but should the right offer come along, I could see some of the veterans getting moved at the deadline.

Neal said...

I think they will deal Marquis no matter where they are in the standings. Part of the reasoning in dealing Marquis (as Unkyd and BinM have stated)is that he is of no value to the Nats once he hits FA status. Last year Rizzo was able to play the Dunn card the way he did because of the return that the Nats would get in the 2011 Draft. He was right, it produced Alex Meyer and Brian Goodwin, 2 outstanding prospects. That won't happen if Marquis hits free agency because of his status. A few other things to consider here. Marquis would want a 3 to 4 year contract(he stated so),and the Nats wouldn't do that. Rizzo is a power arm guy and all you have to do is look at the bullpen and the young starting pitchers who are likely to make it. The Marquis, Gorzelanny, Coffey, Lannan and others of that elk are only place holders till the rest are either in place or ready. Some may last through next year (Lannan), but not beyond. Don't be surprised if the Nats turn Coffey right before they are ready to bring back Kimball. The Nats will move Marquis, he's a chip they can not afford to not cash in on.

Anonymous said...

Ankiel is always hurt. Google his major league stats and notice how often he has been hurt -- more than healthy it appears.

Cut this dude now -- he can't hit -- period.
cut him.

Anonymous said...

to Neal You dont make sense. Or rather the your idea of the National's rationale doesnt make sense.

Deal Marquis? For what? A potential 15 game winner cloaked in prospect's clothing? When we already have that in Marquis.

Why would Washington deal a proven winner, all-star, and pretty good hitter and fierce competitor for a prospect who might turn out to be like him someday in the far future.

It simply makes no sense, no sense at all.

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