Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zimmerman surgery complete

PHILADELPHIA -- Ryan Zimmerman had successful surgery here Tuesday to repair the torn abdominal muscle that had plagued him since early April, a procedure that is expected to keep the Nationals third baseman sidelined another six weeks.

Philadelphia specialist Bill Meyers performed the surgery and informed Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo it was less severe than doctors thought it might be beforehand.

"It was better than the surgeon thought when he got in there," Rizzo said. "He said the surgery went very well. It was as least-invasive as it could be for that type of surgery."

Zimmerman was back at the team hotel resting Tuesday evening. He'll remain with the Nationals in Philadelphia through the rest of their series with the Phillies, beginning his rehab Wednesday, then return to Washington when the rest of the club continues its road trip to Florida.

Zimmerman originally hurt himself early in spring training with what was termed an abdominal strain. He returned after only a few days off, then missed another week later in March with what was called a groin
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Anonymous8 said...

Glad the surgery was a success. In today's SI Injury Report: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/will_carroll/05/02/fantasy-baseball-injuries/index.html

"...there's some obvious frustration in the organization that Zimmerman wasn't clear about what he was feeling back in spring training."

SonnyG10 said...

Anonymous8, thanks for the link. Very interesting.

JayB said...

This is exactly the reporting others and later I asked about Zimm. Mark, this is perhaps the biggest issue of the season and a top 3 going forward out 5 years....how is it that the whole Washington Beat and Column writers missed the obvious issues here. Yet again a bad communication and diagnosis between player and team medical leading to a major injury of a key player. Mark all you have reported to date on this is "Natsspeak". Please dig a little and get the true story here and how it has been a constant problem in DC for years. What is Rizzo going to do to stop it going forward?

Bob Woodward said...

JayB's right! Mark should have reported what Zimmerman was actually feeling instead of what he was saying. He should have convinced the team doctors to violate privacy laws and discuss Zimmerman's medical records publicly. Heck, he should have broken into the office and stolen the charts and scans so all of the medical experts on this blog could examine them! Then we could really get to the bottom of this shocking case of an athlete trying to play though an injury and denying how severe it is. Everyone knows how supportive the fan base is. No one would ever accuse him of being a baby about his injuries or being hurt too easily. Especially not on this blog, where we all know more not only about how the game is played but how athletes should train. Go investigate this unprecedented turn of events!

I bet it's all Desmond's fualt anyway.

Gonats said...

JayB, the opposite was somewhat true with Zim's shoulder labrum injury in 2008. Most thought he would need surgery and the rest and rehab worked.

Yes, this is disappointing as the anonymous source could be right but I don't see it as any way the reporters here could have thought this needed surgery.

Is this the same injury that ended his season in 2010 is my only thought.

Mark'd said...

I know what they say about "assuming" but you have to think this was the same injury that ended his '10 season. Too coincidence that he came into Spring Training and almost immediately had the same "type" of injury. I think that is what the Nats brass know and are upset about.

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