Saturday, May 14, 2011

Broderick DFA'd, Kimball recalled

The Nationals designated Brian Broderick for assignment this morning and recalled fellow right-hander Cole Kimball from Class AAA Syracuse to take his spot in the bullpen.

Broderick is now available for any other club in the majors to claim off waivers, though as a Rule 5 draftee he would have to remain on their big-league roster for the remainder of the season. If he goes unclaimed, the Nationals must then offer him back to the Cardinals, his former organization. Only if St. Louis passes could the Nationals retain Broderick and send him to the minors.

"Obviously we had reasons to keep Broderick on the roster," general manager Mike Rizzo said. "We tried to see if we could absorb him in the bullpen to keep him, because he was a Rule 5 pick. ... He gave it his all. We really like him. And I think he's got a bright future in the big leagues."

The 24-year-old sinkerballer, a starter throughout his minor-league career, was in an awkward position pitching out of the Nationals' bullpen as a long reliever. Manager Jim Riggleman was reluctant to use him in situations of consequence, but with other options exhausted Friday night was compelled to pitch him in the 11th inning against the Marlins. Broderick wound up surrendering the game-winning double to
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Andrew said...

HHover said... the bull pen was in need of a shakeup. ...May 14, 2011 11:03 AM


We are essentially at the 1/4 mark in the season and it took Rizzo this long to see it?

There haven't been too many days on NatsInsider without the observation that this is a 4 man bullpen. Who can really succeed as a 4 man bullpen?

Slaten is an ineffective LOOGY and not worth the spot, Henry Rodriguez is a mess, the team had no confidence in Brian Broderick which leaves you with Coffey, Clippard, Burnett, and Storen.

Kimball is far from a sure thing so while Rizzo made a move, the only move that would be an instant upgrade would be Ross Detwiler for Slaten to groom to a Jonny Venters role.

HHover said...

Andrew - to be fair, the FO obviously saw what we saw--Rizzo's quote says as much: Broderick was a short-term liability, but they had hopes for him as a long-term asset.

In a season when the Nats won't be contending, taking a chance in the hope of building for the long-term is not an outrageous choice for a GM to make. But having two such guys in the BP is clearly one too many.

UNTERP.NAT said...

Andrew said...

the only move that would be an instant upgrade would be Ross Detwiler for Slaten to groom to a Jonny Venters role.

Perhaps this would work in a perfect world, but this isn't a perfect world. Detwiler is a power pitching left hander, who hasn't pitched regularly for nearly three seasons, who was rushed to the Majors in the first place for the dearth of starting pitching. He hasn't really had enough time as a starter for the Nationals to give up on him. If the Nationals were really contenders and the Nationals decided he wasn't going to make it as a starter, then the move to the bullpen would make sense. In the long run it makes more sense to wait this out...

Mark'd said...

Rizzo is a genius with this quote "We felt that we needed another reliable ARM in the bullpen."

No sh%t Sherlock. What took you so long. The overuse of the Big 3 and the UNreliable HenryRod, Slaten and Broderick have cost the team dearly.

I agree with Andrew above on Detwiler for Slaten as that is a disaster.

Andrew said...

HHover said... But having two such guys in the BP is clearly one too many.

May 14, 2011 12:16 PM

2 such guys? How's about 3 too many:

1) Henry Rodriguez
2) Doug Slaten
3) Brian Broderick (DFA'd)

Doc said...

The BP workload had to be shared, and there are/were 3 guys who Riggleman didn't want to share it with. I mean how do you hide 3 guys when there's work for 7---it's something that we've been saying for the past 6 weeks.

Like a lot of Insiders, I didn't want to see Stor and Clip over-used to the point of protecting/developing HRod and Broderick. Stor and Clip are too valuable as assets. Maybe we can get Burn back on track too.

It's good to see Coffey doing the deal; the Flying Dutchman should be able to use Coffey as a dependent on his 2011 Income Taxes.

Now about Slaten..........

Ribuld said...

Having Rodriguez and Broderick in the bullpen didn't hurt until they ran into this long run of consecutive games. It didn't work out, but it was worth a shot.

Mark'd said...

Andrew/Doc, exactly, Slaten? When does that get addressed?

Anonymous said...

how long before someone expresses surprise that it's Kimball not Balestar?

dj in Fl. said...

Annon 12:54
Not even a contest, 4.26 vs 0.00 era
They brought up the right guy.
Look at the outings Detwiller and Bally had last night.

waddu eye no said...

glad i was there last nite to see BB's LAST pitch as a nat.

HHover said...

Andrew -

I'm not happy with Slaten either, but he falls into a different category-he's 6-7 years older than HRod and Broderick, and his best days should be right now, so the short-term liability/long-term asset calculations don't really apply. There is a different consideration with him - if's he's not your LOOGY, who is?

Andrew said...

HHover, I don't believe in LOOGYs who are strictly coming in for 1 batter as his only role unless he is a September call-up during expanded rosters where you can afford to have specialists. Sure, there are times that you have relievers only in there for 1 or 2 batters based on the situation, its just that I don't care for it.

Look at the Braves. 3 Lefties in their bullpen. Eric O'Flaherty, George Sherrill, and Jonny Venters. I wouldn't consider any of them LOOGYs.
The Phillies have Romero and Bastardo and neither of them are LOOGYs.

By the way, nice job done today by Slaten, HenRod, and the debut of Cole Kimball.

Cwj said...

I was impressed by Kimball in today's game. Once he learns pitch selection, with that splitter, he's gonna be a good one.
Definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

They brought up the right guy ... Kimball, Henry Rodriguez, Storen, and Coffey gives you four power pitcher relievers. All have hit the upper nineties this season.

The real problem I have is isn't with who they brought up. Isn't with Slaten (who is right now pitching better than Burnett people!), nor H-Rod, nor Broderick ... its who they DFA'ed.

It should have been Matt "Stares" Stairs who again failed miserably in his one and only role.

SonnyG10 said...

I was at the game today sitting behind home plate in the Diamond Club section and was wondering who #65 was and I was shocked to hear them announce Cole Kimball. I had not heard that he had been brought up from AAA. He really looked good.

Cwj said...

Anon5:49- Definitely agree on the bullpen. But you forgot Clippard, doesn't throw as hard but is a strikeout artist all the same (though he does hit 95mph on occasion).

I don't think Stairs will be here after the All Star break.

slidell said...

Someone should ask Rizzo about Stairs' seeming untouchable status.
I haven't checked the Syracuse roster lately, but surely there must be a PH-type there who could do better.

Anonymous said...

'bout time. Kimball is quality -- Broderick is a joke. Rule 5? haha who would want him back? Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Slidell: do you one better ... Marquis is a better hitter than old man, washed up Stairs. Anyone with eyes to see can recognize a slow,but muscle bound shell of a hitter. I like Rizzo, but he sure can make huge mistakes which apparently his ego wont let him admit. I hope its his ego or I'm going to start to discount his "genuis" status.

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