Friday, May 20, 2011

Rizzo on umpires incident

BALTIMORE -- Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo says he called Major League Baseball executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre "immediately" after his incident with umpires following Thursday's loss in New York and insisted that incident had "absolutely nothing to do" with Phil Cuzzi's ninth-inning blown call.

Torre received a formal report filed by Thursday's crew detailing a verbal altercation between Rizzo and the umpires shortly after the conclusion of the Nationals' 1-0 loss to the Mets, an MLB spokesman confirmed.

Rizzo, though, insisted he is not the sole focus of the investigation.

"I contacted Joe Torre immediately after the incident with the umpires, and he assured me that despite a lot of the reports in the media, this by no means is an investigation against Mike Rizzo," the GM said before Friday night's game against the Orioles. "This is an investigation of what happened after the game."

Citing the "ongoing investigation," Rizzo wouldn't offer any details about what did happen in the corridor outside the visitors' clubhouse at Citi Field. The New York Daily News reported that Rizzo got into a verbal altercation with Cuzzi, who minutes earlier incorrectly called Jayson Werth out at first base despite the throw pulling New York's
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Andrew said...

Well, a makeup call was made last night. Only problem it was in the Yankees/Mets game and Murphy kept his foot this time on 1st base, barely.

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