Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morse likely out for weekend

PHILADELPHIA -- His right hand still red and swollen, Michael Morse was not surprisingly out of the starting lineup for tonight's game against the Phillies, but the Nationals left fielder remains hopeful he'll be back within a matter of days.

Morse took a pitch off the outside of his hand during the first inning of Friday night's game and immediately dropped to a knee in obvious pain. Nationals officials and teammates were worried the pitch broke a bone, but X-rays came back negative and Morse was diagnosed only with a bad bruise.

Though it was an encouraging diagnosis, Morse is still dealing with pain and as of this afternoon had yet to attempt to grip a bat or ball.

"Gripping is tough," he said. "It's a little weak. I'm still trying to get my pinky to move a little more."

Morse described the overall feeling in his hand as "just sore" and "kind of weak." He planned to attempt to start testing it out while the rest of the Nationals are playing the Phillies tonight at Citizens Bank Park.
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Eugene in Oregon said...

Rest him and his hand. Rest Ian Desmond and his ham. September is much more important than the last few days of August.

sjm308 said...

Still will not be surprised if there is a broken bone in there somewhere.

Jane Elizabeth said...

Yeah, rest them all of September. The Nats are such amazing offensive players that we can easily win without Desmond and Morse.

At some point, Desmond needs to figure out how to stay on the friggin' diamond. This is getting a little ridiculous with the penny ante injuries.

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