Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video: Jackson's long road to D.C.

A well-traveled man? That doesn't seem to do Edwin Jackson justice. The right-hander has pitched for seven different organizations in 10 years, this after spending his childhood bouncing around the globe as a military brat. As Jackson tells Comcast SportsNet's Kelli Johnson in this video, his long and winding path to the Nationals has been well worth it.


JamesFan said...

Every military dad who dragged his kids around the world or left mom to coach the little league team should be pulling for this guy. He's a great pitcher and a solid citizen.

fast eddie said...

I think EJax was a steal but can someone explain why he's been with seven teams in ten years?

FS said...

He has fetched nice pieces for the clubs that traded him such as Rasmus, Hudson, Joyce, etc.

anyways, glad to have him. seems like a solid 200 IP motivated to have a career year to earn a big payday next off-season. Let's go EJax.

realdealnats said...

Sorry for double posting this from the last thread, but I wanted to tell Swami what a great point I thought he brought up re: Davey & Ozzie, and also to weigh in on Lannan.

Like Baseball Swami said, Ozzie and Davey will be a real chess match this year and it's already begun--Sort of like Fischer & Spassky in funny pants. And Davey really won that first exhibition match, IMO, by starting second tier players for the most part. So Davey can continue to jaw in the opposite direction about the Phillies, while Ozzie tries to make hay directly re: Reyes v. Stras to a man who does not appear to be listening b/c his more important interests lay elsewhere. He's laying the trap the best way he knows for the games that matter. But it's not just a strategy re: Ozzie either. It's a good overall strategy. Keep your eye on the prize and don't get sidetracked on the Marlins. Just pay attention to them when you're facing them. Once I was running a pretty successful business in the 80s and I was noticing someone copying me and gaining on me. And a real sharp guy working with me, and also a friend, said "It seems like you're paying more attention to the people behind you than the people ahead of you." I got the point and shifted my attention; that friend went on to run a super successful multi-million dollar security business!

Re: Lannan: Do not move him unless who you get is a real lead off guy you know will get on, or that CF (read Upton) you plan on going with for the next 4 years (as part of a realistic package). Otherwise keep him for September. So many ways pitchers can go wrong, why give up on a solid talent with a left hand. Not only will we need him come September, but we might need him before then. You never know. Orrrrr, deal him when someone is desperate and we can really really cash in on him.

Positively Half St. said...

On a side note, I guess we do not have to worry about Chad Dukes or anyone else at 106.7 saying anything bad about the Nats or us fans. With the (ill-advised) trade by the Redskins to move up in the draft, the guys at 106.7 will hardly be able to put complete sentences together in their ecstasy, and nary a one will be about the Nats.


natsfan1a said...

I'm just happy that the long and winding road led him to our door. :-)

Fast Eddie, I don't know but do recall reading that former teammates had nothing but good things to say about the guy.

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