Saturday, March 26, 2011

Riggleman "disappointed" in Morgan

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Jim Riggleman was "disappointed" and "surprised" by comments made yesterday by Nyjer Morgan, who said he expects to be let go by the organization before Opening Day.

"I'm disappointed," Riggleman said before today's game against the Astros. "But I understand where it's coming from."

Morgan told he understands he's likely lost his starting job to Rick Ankiel and doesn't believe he'll remain with the Nationals much longer.

Riggleman insisted today the club hasn't yet determined Morgan's fate, whether he'll start in center field, come off the bench, be optioned to Class AAA Syracuse or be released altogether.

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JayB said...

What a shocker....Morgan is not worth the took all winter and 6 weeks of spring training to open Riggs Eyes....Rizzo was always just trying to get a bag a balls for him but the real problem is just as with Dukes last year...we do not have any good alternative and another year is wasted without a true CF/Lead-Off Option.....Not smart by Rizzo and Riggs is an idiot for once again giving too much credit to flawed players like Morgan, Guzman, Kennedy types!

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

"Flawed players." As if there was any other kind.

Well, I will miss him (Nyjer, not Riggleman). I don't think he is any use to the team, but I *will* miss him, anyway. I enjoyed the show, and I wish him well.

Once more, for old times' sake:


JayB said...

Fatally if that makes you happy.....Worst Arm In Baseball, Worst Base runner In Baseball...NO SEC 3 not all players are worst in baseball in more than one skill....Morgan was for over a year.

Traveler8 said...

Next to Miss Iowa, "It's a community service wig, dawg" was the best line of 2010.

Anonymous said...

Yup, they ought to fire Riggleman for signing Guzman, Dukes, and Morgan. He could have signed other players. Oh, but he wasn't the GM, was he? Who will become this year's designated "hate-a-Nat"?

Mark'd said...

All the different outcomes mentioned in starting, bench, Minors and release and what's missing? TRADE. Interesting. I guess Riggleman knows that outcome is so remote, why mention it.

Anonymous said...

How can Riggleman be "Disappointed". They have been telegraphing to Morgan all Spring that Ankiel had the job last Winter. Morgan is remarkably calm, composed and as he says "realistic" about what's about to happen to him. Probably kills a lot of people that he isn't blubbering about moving on from the baseball Valhala that is Nats Town. He will join a long and growing list of former Nats drummed out of town for various sins. Let's see off the top of our heads.
Wily Mo

And that doesn't even count all the pitchers that have been run out of town by the blogoshpere. So it goes.

But like he says its time to move on. Let's get it started. Hope they bring some Florida weather with them when they come.

Blogo Meany said...

Keep the great work Blogosphere! Didn't know you could run guys out of town that were Free Agents or traded. Anon, you're a dope.

Anonymous said...

@ Meaney. Make no mistake all those guys were villified for one reason or another by the bloggers. Some were pretty mean. Probably including you Mr. Meany. They might make a trade for Morgan. Doesn't mean he wasn't run out of town, you dope.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

Let's not get carried away. "The blogosphere" hasn't run anybody out of town.

The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here.

Jim Hoy said...

If the "blogosphere" got rid of those guys, and not Rizzo, then three cheers for getting rid of those morons, head cases, washups, and bad attitudes (Willie Harris excepted). The only guy the Nats've gotten rid of that was a real major leaguer was Adam Dunn.

JamesFan said...

Pruning the team is a constant process. Nyger was not Dukes--that's unfair. Unfortunately, Nyger has some serious flaws in his game that showed up in a 162 game season. He is asking to be let go, and the Nats should do it. He will catch on with someone and be in the majors this year. Good luck to him. Let's move on. We have three quality outfielders, one of them--Harper--is a year out. In the meantime, let's see what the platoon can do and give Brown a chance in center as well.

Anonymous said...

In the offseason we should have gotten a centerfielder that could bat leadoff. After all, they grow on trees.

sjm308 said...

I almost didn't even comment on this, it is so ridiculous, but I could not let some of these comments go without stating that Jose Vidro was for years one of the best second basemen in the majors. He did nothing but get old and try and keep playing and it's a shame that his best years were in Montreal where no one from this area got to see him.
To put him on a list (no matter how idiotic that premise is) of players drummed out of town is just incorrect.
Do you people honestly think that Rizzo reads what we write? We are lucky that Mark even reads what we put in here. To me its just another way to have fun with baseball. Others like to vent, call people idiots etc. and are just negative but the bottom line is we have a team, our team is starting to improve and people can continue to see the glass half empty but I am not in that group.

Go Nats

NatsJack in Florida said...

I do not argue with anonymii.... so... Harris AND Mike O'connor of all people are set to make the 25 man roster in NY and Milledge is the 4th outfielder in Chicago.... Just sayin''

Anonymous said...

It's just sickening that Morgan is playing the martyr card now. The team welcomed him and the fans really welcomed him. Now he's got to send out the victim vibe. It is so tiresome. The poor baby. Good riddance, clown.

Soul Possession, PFB Sofa said...

For better or worse, I seem to lack NatsJack's good rhetorical sense sometimes. But sjm has it right, and while we're at it, Vinny was a warrior for the one good season they have had here, and arguing otherwise is just, well, clownish. As is characterizing Nyjer's realism as "playing the martyr card." Honestly, if I didn't know better, I might wonder about the motivation of some here.

Anonymous said...

Cya Nijjer

Steve said...

Thank you, sjm, for a note of reason.

Big Cat said...

After watching Morgan for a year, it is a mystery to me how he got to the big leagues in the first place.

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