Friday, March 25, 2011

LaRoche sidelined again with sore shoulder

VIERA, Fla. -- Adam LaRoche is being shut down from throwing at full velocity the next two or three days to rest the sore left shoulder that has bothered him since the start of spring training, but the Washington Nationals first baseman insists he has no worries about being ready to play in Thursday's season opener.

"Not at all, no," he said. "If it felt as bad as it did when I first got here to spring training, I would still play Opening Day. And it's gotten a lot better since then. I don't think it's going to be 100 percent anytime soon, but hopefully I can get it up a little bit from what it is now."

LaRoche, who said he's never dealt with any kind of arm injury in his career, underwent an MRI on Wednesday, the results of which are not yet known. He's hoping the injury is merely a pinched nerve, not something structural within his shoulder.

The veteran first baseman said the shoulder feels better now than it did when camp first began, and that he would play through this if the regular season had already begun.

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Mark'd said...

The timing after the Ryan Zimmerman back and forth isn't ideal to add a probing question except if a MRI was done on Wednesday, why aren't the results known yesterday? Is Weimi on vacation?

Murraythei said...

I think our Medical staff needs to be augmented or replaced! How come we keep signing guys with existing quite injuries?

nicefellow31 said...

I don't like the sound of this. Also, LaRoche is talking like all of the soreness is going to go away with the start of the season.

N. Cognito said...

Paging Steve M. Paging Steve M. You have a call on the red courtesy phone.

Harper_ROY_2012 said...

Recurring or worse lingering shoulder pain is a red flag, this is scary to me....paging Chris Marerro...I hope he is ready just in case!!!

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