Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beltway Baseball LIVE

Thanks to everyone who watched today's live streaming episode of Beltway Baseball at 1 p.m. For anyone who missed it, here's the full episode for your viewing pleasure...


Traveler8 said...

Thanks much - in addition to writing well, you also have a lot of poise in speaking, so it is a pleasure to listen. Glad they worked out the sound thing fairly quickly.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Mark. May I suggest a weekly podcast (faster and easier to produce and you won't have to wear the tie) and have that podcast available on Sunday nights as this-past-week-in-NatsTown.

Charlie and Dave are great but I don't expect much from 106.7 The Fan in terms of quality non-game Nats programming even if they're promising quantity.

-Pedro G.

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