Monday, June 14, 2010

Nats sign 22 draft picks

DETROIT -- The Nationals have signed 22 of their 50 picks from last week's draft, though none of their top four selections yet.

The club announced today that 22 drafted players have agreed to terms, along with five undrafted free agents.

The players who have signed...

-- Shortstop Jason Martinson (fifth round)
-- Catcher Cole Leonida (sixth round)
-- Right-hander Aaron Barrett (ninth round)
-- Shortstop Blake Kelso (10th round)
-- Right-hander Neil Holland (11th round)
-- Right-hander Christopher McKenzie (13th round)
-- Catcher David Freitas (15th round)
-- Right-hander Mark Herrera (16th round)
-- Right-hander Tyler Hanks (17th round)
-- Second baseman Justin Miller (18th round)
-- Center fielder Wade Moore (19th round)
-- Right fielder Chad Mozingo (20th round)
-- Right-hander Cameron Selik (22nd round)
-- Right-hander Colin Bates (23rd round)
-- Left-hander Christian Meza (25th round)
-- Left-hander Christopher Manno (26th round)
-- Catcher Jeremy Mayo (31st round)
-- Left-hander Ryan Sherriff (33rd round)
-- First baseman Robert Oliver (35th round)
-- Left-hander Nicholas Serino (37th round)
-- Right-hander Kevin Cahill (41st round)
-- Outfielder Dimetrius Hatcher (49th round)

The undrafted free agents who signed...

-- Shortstop Mille Rogers (Carson-Newman College)
-- Right-hander Tim Dupuis (Assumption College)
-- Right-hander Mike Gallo (Milligan College)
-- Right-hander Zach Gerler (Austin Peay University)
-- Right-hander Ben Graham (Emporia State)


N. Cognito said...

Cue the Whiners.

swang said...

Where's Harper? Why's he not catching Strassburg everyday?
(or was that every 5th day? 5th game? 6th day? Arrgh! I'm so confused! what am I supposed to whine about again?)

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_for_Me said...

Nice, Swang. Along those lines, I'm still wondering (whining) why we didn't trade the No. 1 pick for Joe Mauer!

Nats fan in NJ said...

Mark - When is Strasburg starting? Friday or Saturday? KIDDING!!

On a more serious question note, and one pertaining to you & not the Nationals, what has the impact been for you and the NatsInsider site directly since Strasburg came up? I've seen more ads from more diverse companies (car, airline, Verizon, Lowe's hotel) that are national in scope as opposed to local ("get your Nats tickets at ...").

If you don't mind letting us peek behind the business curtain a bit, can you give us some insight to the Strasburg impact on the peripheral Nationals businesses such as yourself?

Thanks and keep up the good work! Oh, and by the way, can you please clarify when Strasburg is next starting? It hasn't been clear yet. :-)

Big Oil said...

I really, really want to see Cole signed. For those that don't know, NFA has some good pieces on all these guys. Also note that Tyler Hanks (signed) was a teammate of Harper's. It means nothing, but I'm taking anything I can get to make this whole thing an optimistic process.

There is a Chad Cordero sighting in St. Louis tonight!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am a bit disappointed that Ben Goessling was silenced in favor of Byron Kerr. Ben seems the best at running interactive chats while doing updates to the games ... it gets addictive. Nothing against Kerr. But he just isn't even close to the same ....

Mark Zuckerman said...

Nats Fan in NJ: Traffic to the site has picked up since Strasburg arrived. It certainly increases on days he pitches, but it actually seems to peak the day after. Guess people are interested to read about him after the fact.

As for the ads you've been seeing lately, that has nothing really to do with Strasburg. I joined up with SportsFanLive (a network of sports blogs around the country) a couple of weeks ago, and they supply ads for national companies, targeted to whatever location the user is in. So all of you in the D.C. area may be seeing different ads than I'm seeing in Detroit right now.

Nattydread said...



At Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, the website ads are for a Dutch dating service!

Keep us updated as the rest sign on (or don't).

Anonymous said...

I get the K-Y Intrigue ads myself. But unfortunately I need the dating service ads first before I'll be buying any K-Y.

Aussie Gus said...

I get Australian ads, usually for a crappy Aussie sports blog that I wouldn't read even if my government does manage to censor the internet, and usually one for our pay TV service (which I already pay for..and I have been amazed that they haven't shown a Strasburg start yet). Anyway, I click on them anyway every time I visit. I'll admit that I haven't paid for Mark's services, so the least I can do is click on the ads and generate some income for him that way.

markfd said...

I like that we signed a bunch of draft picks early on so Rizzo and crew can focus on the big $$$ picks the rest of the way!

A DC Wonk said...

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter... wrote: Along those lines, I'm still wondering (whining) why we didn't trade the No. 1 pick for Joe Mauer!

No, Sunshine, you got it all wrong. We were supposed to trade last year's #1. Remember what Steve Phillips said two weeks ago: he'd trade Strasburg even up for Oswalt.

(I wish somebody would ask him what he thinks of that trade now! ;-) )

N. Cognito said...

Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_for_Me said...
"I'm still wondering (whining) why we didn't trade the No. 1 pick for Joe Mauer!"

Maybe because:
a) You can't

Pete said...

Will brittfar play next year?

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