Friday, June 4, 2010

A draft daily double

After going through the arduous process of drafting and signing Stephen Strasburg a year ago, Stan Kasten said he never wanted to hold the No. 1 pick again.

Well, Kasten and the Nationals can't complain too much about that right now. If you're going to post the majors' worst record two years in a row, might as well make the best of it by drafting both the best pitching prospect and the best hitting prospect of their generation. The Nats will do just that on Monday when they (presumably) select Bryce Harper first in the country.

Read all about the Nats' stroke of good drafting fortune on


Doc said...

If Rizzo doesn't draft Harper, he will have to change his name and move to Belize!

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the ejection?

Here is the video:


Doc said...

RE: Video of Harpers' ejection. A lot of what is being an ump, MLB or anywhere else, is the opportunity of asserting primitive authority. Look how quickly Joe West sent our boy Desi to the showers. Somebody needs to rein in these MFs! They're out of control. In West's case he needs more time to pursue his amateur cowboy career!

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