Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leyland: Pudge will get to 3,000

DETROIT -- On the day Ivan Rodriguez is inducted into the Hall of Fame -- a day no one doubts will come five years after he retires -- a parade of former managers and teammates will rave about one of the greatest catching careers in baseball history. And first in line will be Jim Leyland.

"He's a remarkable guy, he really is," the Tigers manager said today. "It's amazing what he's done."

There's still one big milestone left for Pudge to reach: the 3,000-hit club. No full-time catcher has ever done it, but as you'll read on CSNwashington.com, Leyland is convinced Rodriguez will do it.


JaneB said...

He's helping us so much, I hope the remainder are with us.

N. Cognito said...

I'd love to see him do it, and in a Nats uniform. Realistically, that would mean one more contract after this one expires.
Also realistically, he could fall off the face of the baseball earth before getting there (See Robinson, Brooks).

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