Friday, May 21, 2010

Taveras released, Bruney still waiting

The Nationals announced this afternoon that Willy Taveras was unconditionally released, ending the outfielder's brief tenure with the organization.

Taveras had been designated for assignment Saturday when the club needed to activate Michael Morse off the 15-day disabled list. He cleared waivers and could have been outrighted to Class AAA, but the Nationals were already stocked with outfielders at Syracuse.

Taveras, who made the Opening Day roster as a spring training invitee, hit just .200 (7-for-35) with four RBI in 27 games.

Reliever Brian Bruney, meanwhile, is still waiting to learn his fate after getting designated for assignment Sunday. If he clears waivers (as expected), he can either elect to accept his outright to Syracuse or become a free agent and try to sign with another club.

UPDATE AT 8:04 P.M. -- Bruney indeed cleared waivers and refused his assignment to Syracuse. The Nats can still try to trade him over the next week, or else release him.


aspenbubba said...

Tavares did not add anything to the organization. I think it was last year that there was some mentioning of him being traded to the Nats from the Rockies(?).It wasn't received warmly on WNFF and desevedly so.
I think Bruney is another case and I would like to see him straighten himself out and be invited to ST.

Doc said...

Me too! I think that Bruney has the potential. It'd be nice to hold on to him.

Totally Anonymous said...

The pitching turnaround this year. Its Pudge.

Scott Olsen through Byron Kerr

So has a veteran like Pudge Rodriguez been a calming influence for you on the mound?

"I think having him behind the plate is one of the factors to why I have had this much success early in the year. The more starts I have with him the better and better that relationship is going to get. I am hardly ever shaking him off as it is. I can imagine another three or four starts where I might not shake him off the entire game."

Souldrummer said...

Not sad about the Taveras decision. The bigger question was how he got with us to the majors in the first place. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere. Got to believe he has some value to someone in AAA for organizational depth if he wants to keep playing baseball.

David Josephson of Phoenix said...

Isn't Willie's dad Frank Taveras, who played for the Pirates in 1973? He platooned at shortstop with Mario Mendoza, and barely hit above the mythical .200 line named for his teammate. And Mark, didn't your own parents live in the apartment next door to Frank and attend games at Three Rivers with his wife? I'm surprised you never asked Willie about that.

natteringnabob said...

Checking baseball-reference and wikipedia, there is no mention that Frank and Willy Tavares are related.

Mark Zuckerman said...

Wait a minute, we've got a ringer on the site! Willy is indeed Frank Taveras' son, and my parents did indeed live next door to the Taverases (and the Sanguillens) in the early '70s. When I mentioned it to Willy one day earlier this year, he basically had no reaction. Just as I expected.

Anonymous said...

Willie T. was recently seen in Pearland, TX. at a youth baseball game.

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