Friday, May 14, 2010

Lineup finally starting to click

DENVER -- Even as his club won ballgames through the season's first month-plus, Jim Riggleman insisted his Nationals still weren't playing up to their full capabilities. Offensively, he felt like this team had yet to click on all cylinders.

Well, if the last week is any indication, it appears the Nats' lineup is revving up and finding its higher gears.

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Anonymous8 said...

Mark wrote...Eckstein still refuses to believe his hitters have reached their full potential, and he sees plenty more room for improvement. At the same time, he’s encouraged to know the Nationals are still capable of winning at a regular clip even when the offense isn’t clicking on all cylinders.

So a big test today with Ubaldo Jimenez as most offenses haven't figured him out yet.

This offense really seems to click when Nyjer Morgan is getting on base.

Suicide Squeeze said...

Nats go 2-0 today because, well, it's my birthday and I deserve it, dammit.

I just hope for their sake that there aren't multiple rain delays throughout both games to the point it takes 12+ hours to play two games.

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