Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Right field still wrong

The numbers read like they're describing a pitcher's offensive totals: a .159 average, a .276 on-base percentage, a .327 slugging percentage. Too bad those are the combined stats for Nationals right fielders this season.

Despite the lack of offense, team officials remain content with the status quo. Read what they had to say about the situation on CSNwashington.com


JayB said...


We have discussed this for weeks and back in spring training in great detail. The numbers are not going to change for RF until they get an outside the organization solution. How can they keep a straight face saying they are "happy" with the results. Very soon this situation will lead to loses. They have to get more production and runs from RF to take advantage of this window to win.

I for one am very disappointed with Rizzo's lack of candidness (or if the truly is satisfied then his lack of interest in winning this year). Either way, RF is a major lost opportunity to cash in on our good luck and to keep putting a failed solution out in RF night after night is short sighted at best.

Anonymous8 said...

JayB - Can't you accept what "is"? Rizzo screwed up. No way to sugar coating it.

If the Nats are still in the playoff hunt in July they can be a buyer for a RF.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've flailed and beat this dead horse into the ground. I'm still not sure why?

1. The Nats UZR is far better than at this point last year. Its likely why they are "lucky" in close games. Defense and pitching (with Pudge) makes a huge difference.
2. Morse is a hitting machine. If he can play a decent right field he won't disappoint.
3. Perhaps management is waiting. They are methodical. Is this a year to develop, carefully craft and build? As originally planned? Or is it a year where the group they have might get into the playoffs? I think they are waiting to see how the team performs during these final weeks of May before making any decisions. Doubtless, any future moves will be predicated on how they look against teams like St. Louis and San Diego. Plus Colorado and the Mets. They've seen how they look against Philadelphia, Florida and Atlanta. And that will be when Strasburg and perhaps Storen arrive.

Slidell said...

It's possible that Rizzo chooses not to play his hand in public. Acting "desperate" is generally not the best course in any pursuit.

Anonymous said...

I bet Elijah could get off his couch at hit better and field better than the guys in RF right now!

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